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Event Horizon

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At the event horizon, the escape velocity is equal to the speed of light. Nothing inside the event horizon ever crosses the boundary nor escapes beyond it, including light. We are approaching the event horizon and it isn’t merely Election Day; we are entering the next and most violent phase of the war against the New World Order globalists and their sycophants. Nothing prevents matter or radiation from entering a black hole, only from exiting one–we are at the point of no return. What occurs next is up to you.

The United States government is a hegemonic global empire under the appearance and official structure of a Constitutional Democratic Republic. This de facto empire, like all empires will end and it appears we are close to that event horizon. The only question is will we achieve escape velocity turning back toward the free Republic or collapse and be subsumed into a regional or global empire in which we the people remain enslaved?

The battle between liberty and tyranny is ever-present, always messy and liberty is rarely the victor. In our duopoly-uniparty-dominated rigged political scheme we have one wing populated by zealous radicals given over to absolutism and statism and the other populated by spineless squishes given over to statism and absolutism.

Politics is about power; the oligarchs have it and you don’t.  When the system is rigged by the lobbyists for the oligarchs and populated by kleptocrats and sycophants, there is no Republic, no Constitution and no liberty.  Without borders, armies, sound money and the rule of law there is no American Nation. The choice is simple, vote to give legitimacy to the globalist crime syndicate or vote for America First Nationalism.

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