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Empire of Chaos: More War Games

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Libertys Thunder

Libertys Thunder


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We suffered a silent coup, while we were comfortable, entertained and distracted; thinking we make choices while the corporatist machine tells us what to consume, for whom to vote, what to believe and whom to fear. An invisible game of political theater lulls us into a soft despotism under the guise of democracy, when in fact we suffer an oligarchy.

Our national government’s policies seem contradictory, incompetent and often dangerous. If we don’t accept their machinations, we comfort ourselves with our precious votes; votes that mean little. In this land of confusion it doesn't mattter whether you pick the blue team or the red team; the end result is the same. After decades of voting the bums out and changing colors, we still have endless war games, monopoly money and a wide array of choices, so long as we choose to stay within the narrow confines of the false left-right paradigm.

A massive paradigm shift is occurring; but, we cannot know what liberty we’ve lost if we prefer the ‘comfort’ of self-inflicted tyranny born of fear, lack of courage and psychological manipulation.

Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people band together to restore Constitutional governance by taking the right-wing of the duopoly and restoring sound money, free markets, religious and civil liberties, and a sensible foreign policy of non-interventionism; or watch the statists in both parties push their corporatist agenda to their benefit and our demise. Now is the last chance to stop those who perpetuate an empire abroad and a police state at home.  To defeat the lawless hordes of Cultural Marxists, the statists, collectivists, oligarchs, useful idiots and their fellow travelers especially the Democrats-first you MUST CRUSH the RINOs, for liberty!

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