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Perpetual War for Perpetual ‘Peace’: Hot, Cold & Economic

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Libertys Thunder

Libertys Thunder


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Congress returns to the Imperial City to ‘debate’ war in Syria.  As important as demanding that the House reject POTUS’ illegal war is; remember Obamacare, continuing resolution, debt limit, scandals and all the other crap still on the table.  It is all of a piece.  Perpetual warfare abroad for a perpetual ‘peace’ at home, which means a megalithic, technocratic, police state!  This is economic WAR waged against the world in your name & against you for your ‘own good’ of course!  Economic comes from the Greek, for home management – the ‘progressive’ transnational technocrats want you to give up precious Liberty for the soft despotism of false security.  RESIST! For God's sake RESIST!

Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people of good conscience can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of collectivism, statism and oligarchy.  Grassroots conservatives and libertarians, whether Republicans, alternate party or independent (who agree far more than we disagree) MUST work together to ensure the restoration of constitutionally limited government – it is up to you.  End the welfare/warfare police state.  DEMAND Congress say NO to war in Syria & send a tsunami of grassroots Constitutionalists to join Sen. Ted Cruz & Co to www.dontfundit.com by forcing the Imperial Executive to either defund Obamacare or shut down the Federal cum National Leviathan government!

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