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Let My People Go

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Let my people go – a command from God transmitted to the Egyptian pharaoh by His servant Moses and echoing down through the ages as a beacon for free people and tyrants alike.  The 'Arab Spring' gave rise to Moslem jihadis with the support of the US government.  The Egyptians have rejected the Moslem Brotherhood, yet have they achieved liberty?  A military coup and suspending the constitution hardly sounds like liberty, yet many Americans are calling for the same thing here.  Should we allow democracy to trump law?  What if the idol of democracy is merely a tool of the globalists to sow the seeds of revolution and chaos, creating a problem that begs for a solution?  A solution they are more than eager to provide – police-states and wars!

After the sons of Jacob were delivered from Egypt by Moses, they developed a system of judges who enforced the law, yet the people were fickle and desired a king to rule over them.  There is always order, on the extremes are mob rule and the rule of oligarchs, both are tyrannical.  There is a balance, the rule of law, neither the fickle will of the mob, nor the rule of the few or the one.  Our Founding Fathers gave us the rule of law, a Republic, if we can keep it.  Have we?  Will we? Only you can answer that question.

Tyranny is assured UNLESS liberty-loving people of good conscience can set aside their differences and band together against the rising tide of collectivism, statism and oligarchy.  Grassroots conservatives and libertarians, whether Republicans, alternate party or independent (who agree far more than we disagree) MUST work together to ensure the restoration of Constitutionally limited government – it is up to you.  Join Tex and Rex for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite Sunday night at 10:00 pm EDT-Call in to speak with the hosts (646) 649-1013