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(Dr. Paul Goes to Washington)

Rand Paul, the junior Senator from Kentucky, filibustered on the Senate floor for 13 hours.  With an assist by Mike Lee and Ted Cruz ‘missile’, we heard the most relevant language spoken on the Senate floor in a long, long time – Liberty & the Constitution!  Is this the first salvo in a 2016 presidential bid?  Is it the rally cry for authentic conservatism in the District of Corruption?  Is this an elevation of the GOP civil war? Or, is it merely another ‘grassroots’ moment to be appropriated by corporatist RINOs and NeoClowns? Join Tex and Rex for irreverent, relevant and radioactive conservatism with a bite!

The American Conservative Union’s CPAC purports to be  an annual event to rally conservatives, share strategies and promulgate and crystallize the best of the conservative thought in America and to find our nation’s current and future leaders setting the conservative agenda each year;  yet, this week’s meeting is packed with neocons, RINOs and even Rove’s 2012 monster – Romney 3.0!!!! 

In 1974, Reagan’s CPAC speech set a strong pro-freedom agenda for conservatives. Peaking with Gingrich’s 1994 conservative revolution and has been in decline since!

A party that ousts Speaker Gingrich and re-elects Boehner and Priebus without challenge after shunning Ron Paul is not actually conservative.  Now, as they disrespect Sen. Rand Paul they simultaneously pander to those he inspired, once again seeking to appropriate grassroots conservatism for their corporatist agenda. How do we trample the oligarchs, dismantle the duopoly and not only say BUT actually act with the spirit of DON’T TREAD ON ME?  If you really stand with rand, then quit quibbling with your fellow patriots and train your sights on the RINO NewClows!