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Political talk for liberty-minded Buckeyes with hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott Pettigrew

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Kasich has been beaten-up by both the Left and the Right on tax reform. The Ohio GOP's efforts to move more of the burden to local government while reducing the state income tax has not come without a political and fiscal price... more

It's not just the TEA Party and Libertarians fighting the establishment Rs and Ds. There's another rebel group called the Greens. Are they just far Left hippies we can dismiss, or can they be an ally in the cause for liberty and a return to... more

You've heard the case against Common Core State Standards in Ohio. Join us this week for a discussion in favor of using this controversial set of consistent standards for our students in Ohio. Hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott Pettigrew... more

What are the Common Core State Standards? How do they change our children's education? Join hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott Pettigrew as they welcome State Representative Andy Thompson (R-Marietta). Mr. Thompson introduced HB 237... more

For the first time, hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott Pettigrew open the phone lines for a show defined by YOU. In addition to news of the day, make plans to call in and sound off on national issues, state issues, and anything else on your mind.... more

What are the unique protections afforded by Ohio's Constitution? How are these protections brought to bear against cases like red light cameras, JobsOhio, coin dealers, and the rights of Ohio's parents? Hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott... more

The Ohio GOP just refused to endorse the most conservative of Ohio's sitting legislators. Why? What's going on inside the GOP in Ohio? What does this mean for the elections this fall and the overall Republican agenda? Join hosts Bill... more

New polling shows Ohio is ready for Marijuana legalization. Is this true? Where is the current effort to put this on the ballot in Ohio? What will this mean for public health, tax revenue, and crime rates? Join hosts Bill Yarbrough and Scott... more

What is the Ohio political landscape since SB5? Does Right to Work have a chance in Ohio? How are labor unions preparing for battle on this issue? Join hosts Bill Yarbrough anf Scott Pettigrew as they welcome Chris Littleton,... more

Curious about the libertarian philosophy? Interested in what organized Libertarians are doing in Ohio? Confused about where there may be an intersection between conservative and libertarian allies? Join host Scott Pettigrew as he welcomes... more