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Jason Mattera has made a name for himself in the conservative movement with his "ambush interviews" of liberal sacred cows. His recent video questioning a frantic disgraced IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner as she begged a neighbor to let her... more

The spread of Ebola has created fear around the world as the disease has spread from its epicenter in West Africa to the United States and elsewhere. Is the federal government putting political correctness ahead of common sense in... more

Eric Holder is leaving the Justice Department, and the media is trying to whitwash his record. While the cover story is that Holder was a champion for civil rights and "social justice," the truth is very different. Holder has served as Barack Obama's... more

While Barack Obama is one of the most well-known people on Earth, very little is known about his family and his origins. In his own books he was written glowingly about his father, Barack Obama, Sr., but his siblings have been a mystery. His... more

The media is now asking why the Obama presidency failed, but the real question is why their own partisanship caused them to ignore all the red flags and push him to election anyway. The media has enabled the Obama administration's... more

ISIS militants are committing atrocities while the West is hamstrung by its own political correctness. As our commander-in-chief admits he had no strategy, radical Islam is on the move. Overlooked in the establishment media is how the... more

Michael Lane, host of the Like It Or Not radio podcast show, calls in to Liberty Drive for a truthful discussion of the biggest issues of the week. As the riots in Ferguson, Mo., appear to be ending, serious questions remain. Could the... more

The riots in Ferguson, Mo., raged for days and exposed just how fragmented our nation is along the lines of race. Predictably the Rev. Al Sharpton, the New Black Panther Party and other assorted race hustlers made haste to Ferguson to fan... more

Six years into the Obama administration, you would think that justice has been restored to the country and the world. Instead, we have victims everywhere waving the bloody shirt. Hamas militants set up their own children to be killed... more

Is your family prepared for an emergency? Most are not. A few years ago economic collapse, terrorist attacks and large-scale natural disasters were the stuff of fiction novels. Now they are legitimate threats to our world. Dan... more