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Is your family prepared for an emergency? Most are not. A few years ago economic collapse, terrorist attacks and large-scale natural disasters were the stuff of fiction novels. Now they are legitimate threats to our world. Dan... more

Clint Didier, former Washington Redskins tight end and Super Bowl hero, is running for Congress in Washington state. A Tea Party favorite, he has been endorsed by the likes of Ron Paul, Mark Levin and Amy Kremer, co-founder of... more

Hear from the author who has the whole world of politics talking. New York Times bestselling author Edward Klein pulls back the veil on the most unreported story in Washington--the jealousy and loathing that divide the two most powerful political... more

Is there really a case for Barack Obama's impeachment? Former federal prosecutor and renowned author Andrew McCarthy reveals the true depths of Obama's high crimes and misdemeanors as explained in his new book... more

As if the conduct of the IRS recently hasn't already enraged the public, now we are told that the critical emails from Lois Lerner about the targeting of conservative groups have been "lost" and are unrecoverable. Anyone buying... more

Something seemed fishy right away about the Bowe Bergdahl trade for five Gitmo detainees. Now with each passing day it is becoming obvious that our president lied to us (shock!), that Bergdahl hardly served with "honor and distinction,"... more

Decades after their passing, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan remain the ideals of what the left and right believe a president should be. From their looks, speaking styles and demeanor, Reagan and JFK created the template for all... more

Now in its sixth year, the Obama administration is setting new lows for how bad our economic and foreign policy condition can get. From the VA scandal to the Russians in Ukraine to a contracting economy, there seems no basement to... more

What exactly was Hillary Clinton doing the night of the Benghazi attack? What is the real deal with her health problems? Is she really running for president? The media has been unwilling to even address these questions, let alone answer... more