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Operation American Freedom will be holding a rally on Wednesday, Dec. 10 in front of the White House to hold all elected officials accountable for their failure to uphold theor oath office to the U.S. Constitution. Denice Freeman, chief of... more

Just as the country was cleaning up the mess from Ferguson, another grand jury decision in New York has set race relations on fire again. We will discuss why race was not the most important factor in Eric Garner's death. Predictably, the... more

Barack Obama's executive order on immigration represents the most serious constitutional crisis since Watergate. Never before has a president shown such open contempt for Congress and the separate branches of government.... more

The mid-terms are upon us an Democrats may finally be paying for the devastation their policies have brought to America. With no successes to run on, Democrat incumbents being dragged down by their loyalty to Barack Obama are... more

Under Barack Obama's leadership, America is coming apart at the seams and the voters are angry. This should be a golden opportunity for the Republican Party. But instead of using Obama's failures as a teachable moment to usher in a... more

Jason Mattera has made a name for himself in the conservative movement with his "ambush interviews" of liberal sacred cows. His recent video questioning a frantic disgraced IRS bureaucrat Lois Lerner as she begged a neighbor to let her... more

The spread of Ebola has created fear around the world as the disease has spread from its epicenter in West Africa to the United States and elsewhere. Is the federal government putting political correctness ahead of common sense in... more

Eric Holder is leaving the Justice Department, and the media is trying to whitwash his record. While the cover story is that Holder was a champion for civil rights and "social justice," the truth is very different. Holder has served as Barack Obama's... more