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Episode 29: Carl Palladino, DADT, Obama Appeals Gay Judge's Ruling on Prop 8, Katy Perry, Etc.

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In the twenty-ninth episode (and second season premiere), Todd, Jim, and their guest panelists Voluntaryist critic/pundit Xaq Fixx and Neo-Jefferson commentator/pundit Michael Phillip Pellagratti discussed NY GOP gubernatorial candidate Carl Palladino spewing homophobic statements about gays in campaign speech, federal judge blocks "Don't Ask, Don't Tell," Obama appealing U.S. District Judge Walker's ruling overturning California's Proposition 8, singer/pop artist Katy Perry and the infamous Elmogate scandal involving her cleavage shown on Sesame Street, the allegations of campaign finance fraud against Christine O'Donnell and her ridiculous TV senatorial campaign ad, city firefighters refusing to put out the fire engulfing a Tennessee homeowner's home because he didn't pay $75 for the service, Xaq's Facebook comments on Savannah Last Biscuit's "explicit racism" and the rumors and accusations against Momma Ally, and House Republican Rep. Eric Cantor duking it out with the head of the Democratic National Committee over the future of Social Security as a tool to fuel the election season.

[*Note: Guest panelist George Donnelly was supposed to be on tonight, but some family matters came up. William N. Grigg, who was supposed to be on at 5:25 p.m. EST for a 30-minute interview with me, my co-host, and my panelists, didn't show up. I thought he forgot to do the show, but I found out during the recording of this episode's extended edition segment that, in an email he sent to my Gmail account, he wasn't able to do the show because of a medical emergency involving his 7-year-old daughter. Gary Chartier didn't show up as well, but I think Libertopia took up his time, so I will bring him on next week to talk about the event to talk about it. Other than that, it was an awesome show!]