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Episode 8: Obama Building Up Support for Public Option, Michael Moore Attacks Capitalism, Etc.

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Todd, Jim, and their guest panelists radical anti-state/anarchist Jason Jewell and Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity Movement Radio, TV, and blogger Michael Shanklin discussed Obama building up pro-public option coalition, Michael Moore's new film Capitalism; A Love Story (which is an assault on laissez-faire capitalism because it conflates that kind of capitalism with economic fascism), Hollywood director Roman Polanski being arrested in Switzerland because he fled the U.S. over 30 years on a teen rape case, Obama's failed attempt to pitch the Olympics to Chicago, Facebook teen being outed as the one behind poll whether Obama should be assassinated and was approached by the Secret Service, the departure of Obama's national deputy security advisor, Janeane Garofolo calling 9/12 activists and Tea Baggers "racists" on last week's Real Time with Bill Maher and Fox News' Fox & Friends' response to her comments, and the feds encouraging children and people to get the H1N1 vaccinations.

[*Note: Michelle Luetge, the former Secretary of the Boston Tea Party who was originally scheduled to come on the show, didn't show up; something must have happened so I will eventually find out what happened to her. Also, I was disconnected from the show for several minutes because I was trying to contact Michelle (which can be heard at one point during the show) and, although I thought I was cutting off my call to her, I accidentally cut both my call to her and my connection to the show. Fortunately, I called back in without anyone noticing until I mentioned it.]