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Liberty Panacea

Liberty Panacea


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Liberty Cures All! The show dedicated to applying the ideas behind liberty to understand politics and life.

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Liberty Panacea returns after a 3 month hiatus! Special guest James Ellias will join Jamie to discuss Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism. They will also cover news and give their perspectives on the recent NSA scandal, European and... more

On this episode of Liberty Panacea, Matt and guest host Joel Dusoe discuss the recent Bradley Manning hearing, the claim by Attorney General Eric Holder that Americans can be asassinated via drone on American soil and the bitcoin price... more

Matt and Jamie are back. Tonight's episode will cover the upcoming sequestration and the media hype surrounding the relatively small cuts. Also covered will be the (il)legitimacy of borders and immigration laws and some... more

Matt and Jamie are back after the holiday break. Topics for tonight's show will be ongoing efforts to restrict gun ownership, the Fed and Congress's attempts to further expand inflation, the sad deaths of recent liberty activists, and more.

On tonights episode of Liberty Panacea starting at 9pm ET, Matt will be joined by special guest cohost Joel Dusoe to talk about issues regarding QE4, Obama being asked to return his Nobel Peace Prize and much more. Joel and I will... more

On tonight's episode of Liberty Panacea Matt & Jamie will be discussing the political theater regarding the fiscal cliff and what you can expect the political actors to do in the coming month. As always we will discuss other exciting news... more

On tonight's episode, Matt and Jamie will cover news followed by an interview with Matteo Gruelle. Matteo is a libertarian and an accompished businessman in several fields including real estate, risk assessment, and shipping and logistics.... more

On tonight's episode of Liberty Panacea we discuss the US presidential election tomorrow and the 3rd party debates scheudled for tonight at 9pm.

On tonight's episode of Liberty Panacea Matt and Jamie discuss the economic effects of Hurricane Sandy. Many public officials have been calling for fines on supposed "price gougers". We will explain why not allowing people to raise... more

On today's show of LIberty Panacea, Matt and Jamie discuss the currency crises in Iran, the modern day bread and circuses of professional sports, and as always take your calls on current events, economics, politics and philosophy.