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Latest in libertarian politics: Libertarian Party, Republican Liberty Caucus, and elected libertarians. Presidential race 2008. We're Pro-Defense Libertarians, and We Support Our Troops!

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NY Times Bestselling Author Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch on the threat of worldwide Radical Islam and how the West should respond.
Eric Dondero

Hi Listeners! Eric & Andre here welcoming you to our Show!!

  • by Eric Dondero
Glad you stopped by. Please listen regularly. We have a great many exciting guests coming up from both the conservative and libertarian movements. Plus, we'll be the first to break news from the libertarian movement. Let us... more

Zach Keeton of the nationwide Stomp the Ban

We'll be discussing Congressional & Presidential politics, Rudy Giuliani Update, + Guests: Presidential candidate Gene Chapman, & Defense Expert Tim Starr on Saddam & why we're winning Iraq War

Top GOP Strategist Liz Mair of, GOP Cong. candidate Steve Beren, Libertarian Prez candidate George Phillies & a Surprise Announcement -possible candidate for President

Just confirmed! Top DC Politcal Strategist and former Jack Kemp staffer Bruce Bartlett discusses his latest article: "Why the Libertarian Party should disband." And, Bob Barr switches to LP.

Libertarian hot topics of the day: Tank Johnson of Chicago Bears & Gun Rights. Bob Barr switches to Libertarian Party.