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A recap of the week in Progressive or Liberal Politics. News, Commentary and Analysis. One of the fast growing Political Podcasts in the country. Hosted by Indiana writer Dan Bimrose, sociologist Keith Brekhus from Montana and the show's Producer Naomi Minogue from California. Every week Monday thru Friday, the three of them tackle those tough issues with a perspective that comes from outside the beltway. Join the Liberal Fix community, a like-minded group of individuals dedicated to promoting progressive ideals and progressive activists making a difference.

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This episode will feature a live discussion with Betsy Leondar-Wright author of Missing Class: Strengthening Social Movement Groups by Seeing Class Cultures. Betsy is an economic justice activist, sociologist, and author, who... more
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Keith and Naomi discuss todays ruling by a federal judge striking down North Dakota's anti-abortion law. They will also remember the 7th Anniversary of the VA Tech shootings and discuss the launch of the new organization Everytown... more

Excellence in Progressive Radio. Join us for our 30 minute progressive politics news update. A daily dose of politics and the Liberal Fix to fit your busy schedule. As always, we offer news, commentary and analysis important to... more

Keith and Naomi are joined by Claire Conner, the author of Wrapped in the Flag. Claire grew up in the fold of the John Birch Society and as such can give valuable insight into the actions of the extremist right wing in the United States. Tonight... more

Host Keith Brekhus is joined by Rhode Island State Representative candidate Sam Bell. Mr. Bell is a graduate student at Brown University and the leader of the Rhode Island chapter of the Progressive Democrats of America. He recently... more

Guest George Fisher joins Host Dan Bimrose for a discussion on the America's desensitization to Gun Violence in the wake of the Ford Hood shootings and the media's insatiable coverage of the downed Malaysian airliner. They also talk... more

The Liberal Fix team is honored to present Doug Martin, the author of Hoosier Shool Heist for the real truth on the privatization of public schools and what is really behind conservative reform efforts. They discuss the tactics of the... more

Host Naomi Minogue and Facebook's popular Opinionated Democrat Sarah Wood discuss the Hobby Lobby case before the Supreme Court. They discuss why a corporation should not be given the same freedom of Religion that an individual... more

Dan Bimrose welcomes back Lou Colagiovanni from We Survived Bush, You will Survive Obama for a discussion on the Senate and House races for 2014. Mr. Colagiovanni is also a political and criminal journalist at and is... more

In this episode Naomi Minogue welcomes special guest, author and advocate for gun violence prevention, Hollye Dexter. Hollye discusses recent developments in gun violence prevention and her work with Moms Demand Action as well as... more