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Her syndicated talk radio. Everyone has a point of view, and that's why I am on the air! Entertainment, New Face - Soon The Next Star?!,Politics,Homosexual Right's, Every day life with a mix of views, opinions and analysis from some of the best reporters.

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Obama Says Japan Radiation Will Not Affect US! Is That Being Honest, Or Is It Just Preventing A U.S Panic? Questions Raise?!

Why Do Straight People Think That God Created This World, Love, Marriage, Happiness, Family, For Only Them... Get over it your not always right straight people! You need to face the facts and realize God created us Homosexuals to... more

what in the world is wrong! America we're I believe we're in a sinking ship. I hate when Obama makes the comment that this economy is getting back on it's feet! Really do you need your head examined? The cost of living is at it's highest!... more

It's time to tell your crush your crazy about them!

At one time or another most of us have heard or spoken the juicy words, "guess who so-and-so is seeing?" and "did you hear that so-and-so are breaking up?" Our interest in the ups and downs of each others' relationships is so great... more

Despite increased knowledge and information, gay, lesbian and bisexual teens still have many concerns. These include: •feeling different from peers •feeling guilty about their sexual orientation •worrying about the response from their... more

This Is A Challenging Conversation! Can people change from gay and lesbian to straight?! I for one do not agree with that.You know if you want to deny yourself of who you really are than that's you. One day you have to stop lieing to yourself! I... more

Denying yourself is denying your existence. Have you ever found yourself coming to a cross road's with who you are? Coming out Of The Closet can be fearful for some, but remember you should stay true to yourself. It's time to stop... more

Those that call themselves a Christian make it clear to the world, to be a Homosexual is an abomination and is unacceptable in God's eyes. This is were I would open my mouth and disagree. The way I see it if you don't speak... more