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    Between Women Season 4 AND a movie?!?!?!?

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    Aren't you glad you signed up to their VHX? I got on while it was under two dollars and I ain't looked back! Join the wave before the monsoon hits. Trust it's going to hit hard! AND A KNEEGROW LIKE ME CAN'T WAIT LOL.

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    Tamisha Iman "Whats your 2 cents" A show where the LGBTQ can give there 2 cents.

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    Tamisha Iman has created a platform where members of the community can give their 2 cents about a particular topic. This show is design to help relieve some of the daily stress individuals feels about certain activities Pageants, Shows, Sports, Events.etc.
    You are encouraged to partake in the conversation we ask that you be respectful of and to others, every has their own opinions and we would like to know yours. 
    If you're on Facebook we also go live at the same time we are broadcasting on BlogTalkRadio. check us out 
    https://www.facebook.com/TamishaIman or https://www.facebook.com/AYGTV.comLGBTQ/

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    5/15/16 - The Becky Juro Show - A Seminal Moment In Trans History

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    Tonight on the show, I'll get into what Loretta Lynch said about HB2 and trans rights and why it matters, plus news, rants, music, and more. Talking your calls at 646-564-9501

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    lgbt support by lady gaga

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    tune in for support or ideas.

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    SCUBA DIVE CUBA with Undersea Expedition's Greg Hamman

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    WOW, Scuba Diving in Cuba!  This is definitely a bucket list item. 
    Join us for this amazing opportunity to scuba dive Cuba.  Greg Hamman will tell everything we need to know about how to make this dream a reality.
    About Undersea Expeditions
    Since its founding by Chris Winkle in 1991, Undersea Expeditions has offered "gay-friendly" group adventures to the world's most exotic dive locations, as well as dive travel planning services to our community. Their mission continues today under the management of Greg Hamman, an avid diver with a background in international business and a belief that bringing more gays and lesbians into scuba diving offers our community a vacation alternative, while benefiting conservation by adding our collective voices and economic power to those who are helping to protect these amazing ecosystems.
    Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation experience? Undersea Expiditions charter whole liveaboards and book blocks of hotel rooms, and the staff consistently e-mail us asking when our group will return, since they have as much fun hosting us as we do staying with them. They travel to the best dive destinations: Cuba, Micronesia, the Caribbean, Australia, Papua New Guinea, Galapagos.
    Beginners get their dive certification on many of their trips, and experienced divers appreciate the exotic ports of call and liveaboard dive opportunities. Meet new dive buddies and enjoy diving with OUR family.
    Undersea Expedition's website

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    Real Talk with Wesley Williams Gets Real with Sampson McCormick

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    This Friday January 23, at 12PM Sampson McCormick the first openly gay black male comedian to headline at the historic Howard Theatre in Washington, D.C. will be joining Wesley on Real Talk. 
    Sampson McCormick is a nationally touring, award winning, stand up comedian, writer and activist who can make audiences double over in laughter whether he's joking about his whacky and beloved, Aunt Jackie, his twink neighbor or addressing homophobia, poverty, and religion. For over a decade, he has been a favorite at LGBT pride festivals and mainstream venues alike. His screen appearances include BET, MTV's "Real World",  and the Oprah Winfrey Network. He is also the author of two books "Ebonic Faggotry", and "Taboo Village: A Perspective on Being Gay In Black America" and is at work on his third. He's also released three live stand up comedy albums, including his latest"That Bitch Better Be Funny: Live at the Howard Theater", where he made history, becoming the first openly gay comedian to headline the famous venue. 
    We warn you now, this episode is NOT SAFE FOR WORK!