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    #47: Making Babies the "Old Fashioned Way" with Stephanie Berman

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    Annoyed with how "unsexy" and clinical the lesbian conception process can be?  Wishing you could actually deeply connect with your partner during baby making rather than having to stop and decide who's going to push the plunger down in the syringe this time? Find yourself wishing you could knock up your lady the old fashioned way?  Having penis envy? Frustrate no further!  Introducing The Semenette, the first and only lesbian conception tool that allows you to make love and make a baby at the exact same time!
    Creator Stephanie Berman is on LezBeMommies Radio sharing how you and your partner can have a more authentic, passionate and fulfilling journey making baby. 
    Find out more about The Semenette at thesemenette.com and on their YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1hfPyVJVLYnxsS4vOcRK1Q.
    Find LezBeMommies Radio online at www.lezbemommies.com.

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    Meet The Cast and Crew of NYs Women to Women

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    Welcome to the Real LGBT LIVES , with your host  Moji Solar- Percy. On this week's episode of  The Real LGBT Lives show our, we will introduce you to the cast of NY's Women to Women. April Watson a business woman, Ebony Evans a TV Producer, Debra Hammond a Female Barber / Business Owner, Miste Roul'e Ryals an Indie Actress / Designer,  and Kilita Fray a Respiratory Therapist. This crew will share  us their various journey also about their upcoming Reality Show.
    So join the conversation this Thursday  May 26th, 2016 on The Real LGBT Lives at 7pm (EST).
    Call 646-716-9165 to join us on this edition of The Real LGBT Lives.

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    Continuation of coverage of Orlando Nightclub Shooting

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    We are discussing the continuation of coverage for the Orlando shooting that has impacted LGBTQ individuals across the world today.  This is the second show channel STRICTLY for today for the Tracy Fort Show.  We are live and streaming.  Please join our chat room as well.  Note the new number ONLY FOR TODAY.  We are here for all LGBT listeners everywhere today.  We love you.  We want you to talk to us.  We are here for you!  We are concerned for everyone's well being!

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    Get your Release on at Parole night!!!

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    It's parole night located at Shed Leathers located out back of the WoodShed Bar in Charlotte, NC. All money earned will be donated to R.A.I.N in Charlotte, NC. 

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    Mind Body Soul Healing w/ Tondalaya Aje' TOPIC: Roots, Rituals & Reiki

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    When you mention Roots and Rituals people automatically get fearful thinking it is something of the "Devil". Most people have NEVER heard of Reiki, not to mention the benefits and how it NATURALLY HEALS the Holistically. Join me today as I discuss what Roots, Rituals and Reiki. Learning how to Heal the Mind, Body & Soul as Our Ancient Ones did.

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    Weekend with Hotties

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    Today David Michael O'Quinn discusses Nick Cannon/Mariah Carey divorce, Bastille tweet, Todd Sanfield, artwork, hot Comedians, Crush(es) of the Week, and more!
    Always us on twitter The Spilled Tea at @TheSpilledTea, David at @Doquinn76, Kyle at @KylieSF, Dallas at @Odaat_webseries, & Douglas Michael at @iDouglas.
    Don't forget to pick up copies of my three books #WhoIAmAndWhatIWant, #TheFamilyPortraits, and #TheItGirl on Kindle, Amazon.com, The Nook, BarnesandNoble.com, iTunes, and Google Play.

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    Why are BiSexual Women Hiding in the Lesbian Community?

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    Online open panel discussion on "why are so many bi-sexual women hiding in the lesbian community??"
    Online Panel Discussion on: Why are so many bi-sexual women hiding in the Lesbian community? Monday April 8th at 8PM EST on BlogTalkRadio.com/OrlandoBlackPride or Call-in at 917.889.3051 a) Do Bi-sexual women not feel welcomed within the Lesbian community? b) Are they living a double life or is this simply their prerogative to be with both men & women? c) And most importantly do YOU feel as if bi-sexual women have a RESPONSIBILITY to be HONEST about their sexuality?? Panelist include: Kesi Shaw – Psychotherapist/Certified Life Coach DrBev - Gestalt Reality Psychotherapist Angela Harvey – Growth Advisor & Motivational Speaker Melissa ‘DJ M’ – TraxxGirls.com Nicole Breedlove – OurSistaCircle.com Trish Duncan – OrlandoBlackPride.com Moderator - Anondra "Kat" Williams, host of Sipping On Ink Show Producer – Meko Taylor Technical Assistant – Lindsey Cooper Sponsored by: Our Sista Circle, DrBev Mental Health Counseling (Emotions R Us), Angela Harvey, Kesi Shaw, Traxx Girls, OrlandoBlackPride.com

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    JwJ-12 Back In The Saddle Again

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    Bathroom bills, subsequent lawsuits by both the Feds and North Carolina, guidance given by the Obama Administration about public school treatment of transgender youth, other state governments losing their minds over how to mistreat we Trans folk. I'll also talk about Trans heirarchy and lots, lots more. 

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    IS IT ON??? TS MADISON brings her 22 INCHES of WISDOM

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    Join us as we welcome actress, producer, director, recording artist, entrepreneur and adult entertainer executive TS Madison to the show!
    Goddess Ts Madison will join us for a spirited discussion about a range of topics. Everything from her thoughts on black entrepenuership, the trans community, the use of words like "tranny" and her many projects she has coming her way. We will be taking calls! ARE YOU a Ts Madison supporter?? Join the convo! give her love at 347 237 4756 
    Twitter: @tsmadisonatl1  IG: therealtsmadison  Vine: official Ts Madison
    #thekittybellashow #Tsmadison #22inches #newWeave #IsitON 

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    The Covert Elements Of The Gay Agenda In The Black Community

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    Tonight we will have an open freestyle discussion on a topic that has been the elephant in the living room in the Black community for a very long time.
    The Gay Agenda.
    We are going to speak on every aspect of our observations in a very honest, gritty and raw manner without restraint so that the masses can be clear on how many of us feel about this controversial topic.
    Why does it appear that more of our Black men are subconsciously being encouraged into the Gay lifestyle at a time when our women need men who desire to raise children, families and build communities that are strong.
    Who appears to benefit from the fact that our Black men are moving into the exploration of the Gay lifestyle at such a rapid fire pace and what makes it so appealing that so many are leaving our Sisters all alone with no one righteous to love?
    Someone knows that to remove the man from the home weakens the family structure and therefore an entire community.
    Think about that.
    While homosexuality has always been around why does it appear that a disproportionate amount of our Brothers are involved in it over and above many other communities that are in much better shape?
    Why is it that no one really wants to face what is oh so obvious and will our reluctance to speak on it come back to bite us in a very bad way?
    Make sure to tune in and let's get down on an issue that has been avoided for far too long!

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    5 Signs Your Relationship is on the Road to Lasting Lesbian Love

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    Listen in to Lesbian Love Talk tonight (Thursday July 3, 2014 at 8p ET) as Barb Elgin appears LIVE on the show to take your calls and share with you...
    5 Signs Your Relationship is on the Road to Lasting Lesbian Love
    Tonight's show will hone in on 5 of these signs, which when practiced, increase the likelihood you will be successful in staying together and playing together happily.
    If you are single or dating, this is a very, very important show to listen to because as we all now know:
    1.  You ARE in 100% in control of your love life (if you choose to be).  If you are struggling with this idea, let me help you put those subconscious stories of the 'damsel in distress' in their place!
    2.  You are at complete choice about your choice of partners, right now, more than ever!
    Join Barb LIVE on the line and in the chat room as she shares these 'pearls of wisdom' with you!
    Click here and SUBSCRIBE to our 2x monthly newsletter 'Lasting Lesbian Love Notes' and receive your complimentary BONUS MP3 three part audio "Hottest Secrets to Lasting Lesbian Love".