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This roundtable style blog radio show consists of several LGBT people who bring their own views on LGBT topics to help get rid of the HOOD MENTALITY!

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If you care about what studs really want, tune in.

In the LGBT HOOD, we always seem to talk about the shortcomings of masculine identified women and how they are full of shit. What about the femmes? Why doesn't anyone ever discuss how full of shit they can be? We wil be talking... more

We previously discussed reasons NOT to come out, but what if your put in a position where you have no choice? What do you do when someone outs you to the world (especially family and friends)? Tune in!L

Should gay folk stop coming out? What is coming out and how does it affect the minds of gay folk? Does coming out make u more gay or more true to ur gayness? Listen in for more of an in depth discussion.

CORNY P#$$Y-IS THERE SUCH A THING? See what the panel has to say about Corny P#$sy.

Why are studs usually the ones that have to approach femmes? Thats corny! We will discuss this further on this show. Tune in

This is the last episode to this series. We will be discussing a masculine identified woman's initiation into womanhood. What is womanhood anyway? Tune it folks!

We will be discussing the vulnerabilities of a masculine identified women. I had to do the repost of this. Blog talk keep meesing with me yaw. Excuse the confusion and technical difficulties. wink

In this series, we will focus on Masculine Identified Women and discuss some of their issues from childhood, relationships, sexuality to maturity etc. We will start with childhood and go into what it is like for butches, studs, ags, doms in... more

This is the last episode for this specific series on the butch/femme dynamic. We will attempt to offer our advice on how to break the cycle so that it does not keep getting pass down from generation to generation.