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Allowing The LORD To Re-Build Your Relationships With HIM, Others, And Even Yourself!

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Great Relationships are what makes life enriching and truly worth living! In fact, for those of us who have lived long enough to appreciate it, have learned that the enjoyment of a good relationship is unequivocally the closest thing to Heaven on Earth that this life can offer. Good relationships are what gives life meaning! Yet as important as relationships are to each of us, understanding them and learning how to deal with them successfully, can also sometimes prove to be the greatest challenge that life on this earth can offer. HELP! Relationships 102, is especially for those who have attempted to find answers to the issues they have been having in their struggling relationships, and yet despite their research have found few solutions and even less help! Our mission is to address some of the widespread unaddressed issues plaguing today's relationships! And whether that relationship is with the LORD Himself, a spouse or significant other, a son or daughter, a friend or sibling, an employer or employee, or even with one's own self, we feel called of the LORD to "HELP!" We believe that GOD outlines principles in His word, a blueprint if you will, that will unerringly guide us to successful relationships. The LORD, if allowed, will in a very short time, build and if necessary, rebuild our failing relationships. He can and will do with our relationships that which many of us have tried and failed to do for many years! Join us here weekdays at 12 noon, on HELP! Relationships 102, as we address the unaddressed issues challenging pyour relationships!
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Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we address a major unrealized root to your struggle with low self- esteem! The understanding of this promises to make a difference in your world! Join us as we address this unaddressed issue!

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Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we unveil the GOD- given power most people don't know they have to effect critical & lasting change into the lives of their significant others! Join us as we address this unaddressed issue!

Today on HELP! Relationships 102, we reveal what is perhaps your greatest, most effective means for dealing with feelings of low self worth! Yes, there is a way! The LORD has seen to it! For if this great issue is not laid to rest then... more

Today on HELP! Relationships 102 we deal with the issue of building or in many cases rebuilding ones sense of self worth! We Christians who understand the power of faith in GOD can often miss how important it is to also have faith in... more

Today on HELP! Relationships102, most of what we have addressed to this point has to do with effectively raising your African-American son, despite the competing influences vying for his attention! But, what about those of you who... more

Today on HELP! Relationships102, we unpack more of the shaping tools available to the single mother for effectively molding her African-American son. Your child's future does not have to be left to chance! There are definitive approaches... more

Today on HELP! Relationships102, We reveal the most effective means possible for discipling your growing and developing, son! We also open up the difference between discipling vs punishing! The understanding of this will make all the... more

Today on HELP! Relationships102, we draw greater focus on what is perhaps the the single Mom's most important tool in successfully singlehandedly raising her African- American son! Join us as we address this unaddressed issue!

Today on Help Relationships 102, we tackle the much need issue of being today's African-American Mother raising her fatherless and statisically devestated, son. In this series, we will equipped her with the badly needed toosl, required... more