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Letz Talk Christ

Letz Talk Christ


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Young People discussing the challenges they are faced with as young Christian's.

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Good afternoon everyone. Today, im just going to discuss a few things that we young people endure on day-to-day basis. I really wanted to just have a general discussion this evening, so tune into the show to call in and i'll... more

No, not the physical exercise/activity but rather the spiritual avoidance of GOD and/or His calling upon our lives. So many times we find that we are involved in a lot of different things to where we can't even realize GOD is calling us or we... more

Have you ever stopped to think that people aren't holding you back but rather you are? We have often heard the saying that sometimes we are our greatest enemy, be it relating to low self-esteem, no self-respect, telling ourselves what we... more

Today I would like to kind of discuss the perceptions and standpoints that the older generation has of us. Many things are said about our age group, some false and some true. But, while they are looking at us, they are still supposed... more

In this day and age, it seems as though it's hard to find somebody who is mature. There are many posers in the world who put a fascade of maturity just to impress of front for other people. We know as youth that we are already looked upon... more

Have you ever seen people who are the go-getter type? The ones who seem to just get what they want by being seemingly self-motivated? Well, now it's your time to make it happen. We, as children of GOD, must go get what is ours. The... more

As we may have heard, scientists, philosophers, theorists, scholars, and etc. have always pondered what the purpose of us Human Beings is. Even within ourselves we present that question, constantly searching for an answer that... more

As we so commonly see, there are many people who are money motivated when it comes to working at a job, but not many people or should i say enough that are motivated to work or be involved in something that doesn't entail acquiring... more

This is a big one. For a lot of us, when we are hurt, we sink lower and lower into a place of sadness that seems so hard to escape from. According to Psychologyinfo.com, approximately 4 out of 100 teens are diagnosed with... more

As children of GOD, we are obligated to represent HIM without shame. The BIBLE says that if we are ashamed of HIM on Earth, then He will be ashamed of us in Heaven (paraphrase). Why is it that we can represent or show off our... more