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Did you hear about the 2 female jurors who were flirting with John Edwards during his trial? And how his baby-mama has a new book out trashing his late ex-wife Elizabeth? What is it that attracts reasonably intelligent, independent,... more

We frequently hear about identity theft, a growing problem since the onset of the Age of Technology. But what happens? How do the affects of identity theft change the lives of victims in its wake? My guest, Angela, knows and has written a... more

Listen in as I get the lastest dish with Simon Applebaum!

Linda Rennie used to weigh 300 pounds. Now, she's lost over 70 pounds and 25 inches on her body. She's gone from snack-eating couch potato to marathon training, radio spokesperson for her local Gold's Gym and aspirations to become... more

The numbers are unclear as to how many people actually have Lupus. The CDC estimates that about 1.6 million people have the disease, but that there could be as many as 3 million people affected by the disease. The symptoms... more

White celebrities have made it a common practice to adopt black babies from foreign countries, providing them with a better life than they could have ever possibly imagined if they had remained in their homeland. We're flooded with... more

Please join me on this extra special evening when Shaman Tony Geron and I will discuss spirituality, shamanism, out of body experiences, astral projection and SO much more! You WON'T want to miss this episode of Lette's Chat! Tony... more

Tonight's discussion promises to be a lively one! Join me, Andrew Scott and Steven Grumbine as we discuss healthcare and socialized medicine. Can Obamacare work in the United States? What's the big deal about socialized... more

Yes, it really does work! If you have never been hypnotized or have always wanted to be, you MUST listen to this show. Sonny and I will talk about hypnosis and how it works. We'll also talk about how he hypnotized my daughter and... more

Jude Johnson has been a history enthusiast since childhood and has lectured about her historical research at the Sierra Vista Historical Society, the Welsh League of Arizona, and the West Coast Eisteddfod in Los Angeles. She is the... more