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National Empowerment Radio Presents - Let's Talk w/ Dr. Wendy. This show will educate, empower, inform and motivate you, as it is my social responsibility to encourage people to reach their goals and to keep you informed. My straight - talk approach will keep you abreast of what is going on in the news. If you are talking about it...we will discuss it! For more information go to: www.nationalempowermentgroup.org

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Check out our NEW website www.NationalEmpowermentGroup.org Topic: Should Your Child Be Spanked At School? This is one of the most controversial methods of child discipline, but spanking in school-- usually with a wooden or... more

The Natural Hair Revolution We first aired this show last year and many of you noted that you were going natural or in the process of going natural. So...where are you at NOW? Did you hang in there? - How is the BIG transition going?... more

**Back by Popular Demand! Join us as we discuss YOUR NUMBER! - Does it really Matter? What do the notches on your bed post say about you? Ladies - does the number of men you've slept with matter? Is this a double standard... more

**REBROADCAST BLACK MEN ROCK! - Contrary to negative media generated stereotypes Black men are poised to experience unprecedented levels of success in the world today. Never have the doors of opportunity been open wider... more

**This is a Rebroadcast Join us as we discuss: Are you Ready for a "Healthy Relationship", How To Get Rid of "Personal Baggage" & so much more! Special Guest Relationship Expert, Dr. D Ivan Young - Dr. Young is recognized as the... more

Join us as we discuss: Racial Slurs/Profiling & Locker Room Bullying Massachusetts high school cancels football games over racist graffiti & Racist graffiti prompts cancellation - Debate: Was this action to harsh? ***** Jay-Z... more

Women have opportunities today to choose their education, careers and spouses. Many have high paying/high powered careers, have families/relationships and work very hard to maintain it all. Is this possible? What is considered all? Can... more

Are your kids being Cyber Bullied? Would you know if it was happening? Do you know the sign? Cyber bullying can be very damaging to adolescents and teens. It can lead to anxiety, depression, and even suicide. Also, once things... more

Boys will be boys - but can they be raised to be men by single mothers? Special guest: Larry G. Washington (Licensed Professional Counselor) Tune in as we will discuss the dynamics of raising a son as a women and is it possible to raise a... more

Online Dating - Yes, it can be SAFE! Are you busy and do not have time to meet people? Have you thought about dating online and decided not to...because you think it is not safe? If so, this show is for YOU! Join us as we feature James... more