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Let's Talk Dugri with Jacob Kornbluh on Let's Talk Tachlis Radio - Jewish Political Talk to the point.

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The truth on the latest event and developments, the MSM attempt to foresee potential radical Islam terror threats and antisemitism acts, rather point fingers to those that oppose their liberal agenda and stand up fro the people's right and... more

As The new Republican led 112th Congress convenes this Wednesday we will discuss the challenges ahead, the US-Israel relationship, the Middle east conflict, the peace process and the growing threat of radical Islam in the US. Eric... more

while we review the year of 2010 - Iran rushes towards Nuclear, Israel Takes a tough Stand, the Flotillas, the ups and downs in the Peace Process, the US-Israel relations shift, The Rise and Fall of Obama, the GOP victory and more... we... more

The Truth on Israel and the peace process, as our weekly reports on Israel show a different picture then the main stream media and intellectual journalists conclusions. Our guest on the weekly Discussion Board is Clare Lopez a regular... more

Israel welcomes the US focus on core issues and puts to rest the settlement issue, what now? who's approach failed and why, who's approach is gaining momentum and why? Our guest on the discussion board is Rabbi Jonathan... more

As The Jewish nation celebrates Hanukkah, Israel went through its biggest national disaster in history, with Unity, courage and help from the international community, we will discuss the meaning of the incident in these days,... more

on Wikileaks, Israel's alarming the World on the Iranian threat, the link between diplomacy and journalist. Our guest on the discussion board is Z STREET president Lori Lowenthal Marcus,and a published columnist on media bias... more

in a week full of discussions and negotiations, the question is how much should Israel ask from the US, and how should the pledges be fulfilled, in protecting Israel best interests and marching on to a viable peace settlement. our... more

We will discuss The US trade offer, How it improves Israel's security, and what is awaiting us in the road ahead. our guest on the discussion board is Erick Stakelbeck - a correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News since 2005.... more

A extended 3 hour radio show on the outcome of the US midterm election 2010, the US-Israel relationship ahead, and the Jewish Christian aliened support of Israel. The first hour will be a special post election program in which we will... more