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Join the conversation as we discuss Health & Wellness with Special Guest Health and Wellness Coach Joanne Wolff.


My life changing journey started in November 2010 when I lost my job working for an attorney for 7 years bringing home $2000 a month. At the time I was also in the middle of a divorce from a 28 year very unhealthy marriage with an alcoholic, hoarder who put us under tremendous debt and made our beautiful 3 acres into a junk yard with over 30 wrecked cars, car parts everywhere along with 100’s of used tires.


One day my friend called me and told me she wanted me to try a sample of a nutritional supplement to see what I thought.  Within 30 minutes I could tell my appetite was suppressed because I hadn’t even thought about eating.


I was 63 at the time, lost my job and feeling so hopeless about my living situation and I realized that Xyngular,  a health and wellness company with all natural food grade nutritional supplements could be my way out.


I am now 65 years old.  I started this journey to make money to get out of a bad situation.  I ended up with a phenomenal body transformation story but through all of that I discovered my passion. To find out more information about how to increase your Health & Wellness visit Get Healthy With Ignite!

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