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A show that not only entertains but a show that educates and recognizes everyday people who do extraordinary things to make a difference.

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Since we were kids, it has always been fun to play Boys against the Girls. Well, it's even more fun as adults. We are going to do some finger pointing on this show, so come have fun with us! All in fun, of-course. And just like every show,... more

We spend our days and our nights focused on the easy way and we choose our paths and our relationships based on perceived benefits of each choice. At the same time, we profess our love for the word of God and his Son. But how... more

Isn't the whole point of being a Parent to be smarter than our kids, so that we can teach them and guide them? But how many of us are really smart enough to be Good Parents? What advice would our kids offer us about being a Parent to... more

Every time an incident of Mass Mureder occurs, people get fired up and start finger pointing for a good ten minutes, until the Media Attention dies and we go back to business as usual. During that ten minutes, the same old tired solutions... more

There is no more thankless job than Parenting and only a fool could deny that there is no more important job. The problem is that there is no Instruction Manuel. At-least not one that has ever offered instructions, solutions and answers that... more

Can you handle 15 minutes of me? Can you handle 15 minutes of the truth, based on life experience and common sense logic, as well as years of research, testing, surveying and actual workshops for children and adults? Let's See...

Democrats vs. Republicans; Black People relate to one and White People relate to the other; the Rich are associated with one and the Poor with the other. Women relate to one better than the other. One is considered Liberal and the... more

How do you feel about President Obama and his policies? Do you feel he should be re-elected? Do you feel he has been for regular, every day people or for the elite? How well do you really understand the issues? How well do... more

Black Unemployment is much higher than the national average. Black Education Scores are rediculous. Single Parent Households, Teen Pregnancy, Crime, Violence, Run-away Fathers... You name it. In most every category, African... more

Unfortunately, there is one thing that we all have done and that is struggle with relationships. Rather it be Male/Female, Adult/Child, Working or Business Relationships, etc. But why do we struggle and is struggle a necessity of can it... more
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