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AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji

  • Broadcast in Spirituality
Leslie Arnold

Leslie Arnold


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The Leslie Arnold Show features, "AKATHA, the Ancient Science of Sahaji." The latter term means "Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)," or more negatively "The Near Death Experience (NDE)." However, AKATHA teaches it is closer to an OBE life experience of enlightenment instead. 

Each week Leslie interviews the leader of AKATHA, the Mahaji, the 973rd Living SRAOSHA Master, Sri Kahtifji. The interview consists of AKATHA introductory information along with enlightened spiritual insight and wisdom in the teachings of AKATHA by its eminent Spiritual Master. 

AKATHA is not a religion, new age teaching, philosophy, metaphysical science nor cult or occult treaching. It is simply the most direct way to God via Sahaji with one gaining the ultimate spiritual enlightenment in God-Realization. 

The most important practice in AKATHA is the daily 30 minute contemplation wherein one experiences Sahaji. Contemplation looks like meditation but quite different where one learns listening to the Sound Current of SRAOSHA, the word for "Spirit" in AKATHA. 

The so-called foreign words in AKATHA are from the most ancient language of Asacer (uh zay, ker) or Higher Sanskrit. Their purpose is for raising the spiritual vibrations or feelings one has in the experience of Sahaji. Hence, man learns that his feelings are a part of SRAOSHA with his essence as Soul, the Light and Sound within one. We recommend the beginner to chant the word "HU" as a mantra for the key in traveling in Sahaji. Closing ones eyes is the simplest form of Sahaji where one learns that they are in motion on the "inner." That motion allows one to travel in Sahaji back to their origin in the high planes of God or AKSHAR in AKATHA.