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Appearing regularly on networks like Fox News and RT, Steve Leser is a sought after Political Pundit known for a fact based approach to politics. In addition to here on BlogtalkRadio, Making Sense with Steve Leser is carried on KCAA 1050am Radio in the Inland Empire California area at 2pm Pacific time on Mondays.

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Today's show is an hour long special on Genocide. Guests will be survivors and decendants of survivors from the Armenian, Cambodian, Rwandan Genocides as well as the Holocaust. They are Armenian Genocide: Karine Shnorhokian, who... more

This show and the next show are going to be slightly different in terms of format. There will be no hall of fame and shame today or next week. We're going to limit our commercial interruptions. Today we are have interviews with the... more

Join us on Making Sense as we explore 1. What is Really Going on with North Korea? Is this something to be worried about or is it same stuff, different Kim? 2. Then Amina and Femen and the blowup over Tunisia potentially implementing... more

This week, we have a special Making Sense with Steve Leser. We interviewed Amanda Marcotte, who writes for Slate and Pandagon and is the author of the books "Get Opinionated" and "It's a Jungle Out There: The Feminist Survival... more

1. Our lead story this week is the cost and aftermath of the Iraq war 2. Then as I predicted, we are losing the losing fight for meaningful federal Gun control this year 3. The Steubenville Rape Case Jury has returned two guilty verdicts... more

1. We are going to start off with full CPAC coverage, we will talk about the big speeches and events with my no nonsense analysis of that annual seminal event. 2. Then we have a new pope, Pope Francis. Will Pope Francis offer any... more

Interview with the Rude Pundit about the Senator Menendez Prostitution allegations and the Rand Paul filibuster Are some banks too Big to Prosecute? Unemployment reaches four year low. We have our reader feedback section... more

This week, a special Making Sense with Steve Leser will examine the 10 year anniversary of a seminal event that should have prevented the Iraq war. This segment starts by recapping Rachel Maddow's excellent coverage of the runup... more

1. Republicans insisted on Universal Health Care for Iraq but continue to fight against it in the US 2. Boehner and Republicans blame Obama for the Sequester they pushed for 3. Critical Republican in the House says no to Path... more

Our Sunday Feb 17 show will cover the following topics Full Coverage of President Obama's State of the Union Address The Republican war on Women Continues into 2013 An Update on Efforts to have Chuck Hagel Confirmed on... more