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Appearing regularly on networks like Fox News and RT, Steve Leser is a sought after Political Pundit known for a fact based approach to politics. In addition to here on BlogtalkRadio, Making Sense with Steve Leser is carried on KCAA 1050am Radio in the Inland Empire California area at 2pm Pacific time on Mondays.

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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to Making Sense with Steve Leser the show that breaks down the top issues in the last week in politics strips out all the nonsense and provides you the best analysis in political media. This week we... more

This week our top story is Russia's invasion of the Ukraine. We have a detailed full special segment on Ukraine, then, Arizona Republican Governor Jan Brewer backs off of an anti-gay bill and a significant event in Healthcare in the US as... more

This week we have an update on New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to include a Town Hall meeting he had on Thursday, then Conservatives go berserk over a new textbook that paints Reagan in an unfavorable light and we also talk about... more

This week we have two featured segments. First we talk about the data coming out of the Congressional Budget Office regarding the Affordable Care Act also known as Obamacare that generated so much controversy this week. Then,... more

This week we talk about Bombshell Breaking News of new evidence of wrongdoing concerning New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and bridge-gatethat you won't want to miss. Then, Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers who... more

On today's show, I lock horns with Dee Dee Benkie, one of the tougher conservatives I've faced off against several times on Fox News and on Glenn Beck's network, The Blaze. Dee Dee and I will discuss polls that have come out... more

Today, my lead story is an update on NJ Governor Chris Christie and the many scandals now surrounding him. We will also have a juxtaposition of two news events about women and women's issues that really spoke to me and my... more

Our show this week is concentrated around two topics, first the scandal engulfing New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and his administration. The Rude Pundit joins me to discuss what has transpired so far and where this scandal seems to be... more

Today is the third and final edition of three special holiday end of year shows. During the last two weeks shows, I replayed interviews I did with Susan Eisenhower, Medea Benjamin, Pat Buchanan and Governor Bill Richardson... more

This second of three special holiday shows starts with special statements on the recent Christmas statement by Eric Snowden on NSA Surveillance and the statement Bristol Palin put on her blog supporting Duck Dynasty's Phil... more