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Created and hosted by Barb Elgin, Lasting Lesbian Love Visionary. Lesbian Love Talk - now flying upwards towards 200,000 listens - and consistent billing as one of the most popular in Blog Talk Radio's 'Romance' 'Home-Life-GLBTQ' categories - is a full OUT celebration of you and your life. Stay tuned for real conversation and topics, great content and expert guests! Thank you for supporting the show. We hope you will continue to listen and spread the word! Be sure to pick up your FREE copies of past shows here at BlogTalkRadio, on I-Tunes or through your favorite application. Please note: Lesbian Love Talk's focus is education for a general/wide audience. It’s not therapy, coaching or medical advice specific to you and your life. The views and opinions of my guests are their own. We also cover some racy topics on this show, so if you are under 18, you must get your parent's permission to listen. For assistance with your unique concerns, be sure to contact Barb for a complimentary discovery session here - http://www.lastinglesbianlove.com/#!work-with-barb/c24vq

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Join Barb Elgin as she welcomes to the show THE image expert that gave Barb her amazing new look! Kimberly Seltzer, LCSW, shares her top tips for buffing up your outer image so you can approach dating or interactions with your... more

Join Barb Elgin as she interviews lesbian psychotherapist Dr. Glenda Corwin on top dating tips for lesbian couples to keep things fresh and fun

Barb Elgin here! I'm so excited to welcome you back to the third season of Lesbian Love Talk. This season you'll be able to join me for a brand new show EVERY Thursday night from 8-8:30 p.m ET. As I'm sure you know if you are a... more

Join Lasting Lesbian Love visionary Barb Elgin as she launches Season Three of Lesbian Love Talk. Between tonight and the end of 2013, Barb will share with you the best love, dating, relationship and romance secrets for... more

In this episode, join lesbian love coach Barb Elgin as she interviews personal-growth coach Jayalalita on a perennially hot topic amongst lesbians: getting over the ex! Jayalalita, aka Jaya the Trust Coach, takes a spiritual... more

On this THE week the U.S. Supreme Court hears two marriage equality cases, be sure to tune in live to hear Barb Elgin and Dr. Glenda Corwin talk about this life altering moment in the march towards full LGBT Equality. By tonight's... more

Join Barb as she welcomes back regular guest and lesbian intimacy expert Dr. Glena Corwin to delve into the HOT topic of body image as it relates to sexual intimacy and sexual fulfillment. Body image is a barrier to intimacy for many... more

Join Barb Elgin tonight as she comes to you live on Lesbian Love Talk, one of the hottest, most interesting shows on internet radio. Barb will explore the question of unhappiness in lesbian relationships and what you can do about it.... more

Join Barb Elgin as she kicks off Lesbian Love Talk 2013 by bringing back to the show popular guest Dr. Glenda Corwin. Dr. Corwin has a psychotherapy practice in the Atlanta, Georgia area and she specializes in working with lesbian... more

Join Barb Elgin as she interviews Kelsey Brannan, about her project a Labor of Love: the story of lesbian space in D.C. The film is a documentary and web-based archive project facilitated by Brannan, who is a CCT MA candidate Georgetown.... more
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