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Philmchology w/Brenda B: Bringing Up Baby (1938) & What's Up, Doc (1972)

  • Broadcast in Film
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These two movies are basically the same romantic comedy from two different eras.  You can't go wrong with either of them, but it would be great for you to watch both and see why one speaks to you more than the other.  Check out the trailers:

Click here for Bringing Up Baby Trailer

Other Noteworthy scenes 

Click here for Meeting Baby

Click here for What's Up, Doc? Trailer

Other noteworthy scenes 

Click here: "As Time Goes By" Scene 

Click here: Eunice with the Incomparably Brilliant Madeline Kahn

Psychologically people do many strange things for love, to get it, keep it, or quite possibly to prevent it.  Romantic comedies usuallly take our action to the absurd, but we all tend to relate to them because of the topsy turvy way love affects our normal routine or standard calm. Relationships rarely start as even-keeled placid beginnings.  Most are unexpected or heart-racing in nature based on our hopes that the ones we seek are open to reciprocal feelings. The angst that takes place comes with the uncertainty of our intened's feelings.  Maybe your romances didn't start with a leopard or a walking disaster, but if you think back...

Did you ever:

  • Hang out somewhere you never would for hours in hopes your intended would see or speak to you?
  • Did you orchestrate a meeting through someone else that knew your intended or changed your hair, clothing, or makeup to attract anyone?

You've lived a romantic comedy!