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Wellness, in my opinion, is a simple equation. Positive Eating + Exercise + Stress Management= Wellness! You can be WELL!

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Having guidance and support is incredibly helpful when you are looking to change your lifestyle, but how do you know your personal trainer is up to the task? Learn what to look for and what to ask to find the right trainer for you. ** We will be... more
Lela Simon

Getting Sexy...Staying Sexy

  • by Lela Simon
***Check out Brad Nelson's Blog at http://www.BradRants.com **** Getting sexy is hard, Staying sexy is actually pretty easy- IF you keep your head! So many times I have seen people get a program that works for them, work it to perfection,... more

Brad Nelson, Personal Trainer and all around intense dude will be here with 5 Tips to Get Sexy in 2009.
Lela Simon

Who do you love?

  • by Lela Simon
It is easy to let yourself get stuck in the trap of trying to fulfill the needs of others above and beyond your ability. I see it all the time, in both males and females (despite the stereotypes). Some people try to give and give, and never take the... more

Richele Henry will be here to discuss her 5 top ways to help curb your sugar addiction and about her upcoming sugar detox course.
Lela Simon


  • by Lela Simon
***To get in touch with Tracy Harrison about her tele-classes you can find her at http://www.eatonpurpose.com ****

I will be chatting with Tracy Harrison another Holistic Health Counselor about the importance of front loading our food and how putting your body into "Famine Mode" by skipping meals effects your metabolism.
Lela Simon


  • by Lela Simon
** please check out Amy Bomar's sites http://www.fitlaunch.com and her blog with the video of the stretches http://www.fitlaunch.wordpress.com *** In my mind there are two categories of meditations- Passive and active (or guided). Passive... more

I will be interviewing Amy Bomar, BS, CPT the owner/founder of FIT Launch, Inc. She will be sharing some simple stretches that you can work in to your day to help combat "computer back" and reduce stress and fatigue!

Due to technical difficulties the last show was cut short so I am getting Vik Panda back in here to try this again- talking about motivation and sticking to our new years resolutions.