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Lehavre Buck

Rethick Destiny with LeHavre Buck


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Powerful,Penetrating, Pertinent; LeHavre Buck is a professional keynote speaker who is uniquely qualified to guide. Buck draws from his rich life experienc

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W?hat does it mean to be a man today? How can men consciously express thier masculinity without becoming cold or cold-hearted on the one hand ...or wimpy and emasculated on the other?What's the most loving way for a... more

According to Layne & Paul Ctright of Heart to Heart and author of Straight from the Heart, all relationships move through four sequential and very distinct stages: Atraction, Power Struggle,Cooperationand Synergy.Whether the relationship is... more

Have you move from your hometown for love. I feel out of place.Needed to make connection , to get a employment.Left all my connection back home. Had a good job ,but thiers seemed better.I love tthem this is a lot harde than I thoght.Need... more

Aging can be defined as: "progressive changes related to the passing of time." While physiological changes that occur with age may prevent life in your 70s, 80s and beyond from being what it was in your younger years, there's a lot you... more

How bad do you want it;to young to die,bore try get up and to old for this,you are never to old to learn,you can teach old human a new tricks,

Wisdom the ability to discern or judge what is true,righ ,and or lasdting. Knowledge is having information through experience,reasoning, or aquaintance.Knowning facts about God and the Bible is not wisdom.To know... more

Bitterness and Resentment CBN.com – When you are offended or disappointed by others and allow the hurt to germinate in your heart, bitterness and resentment will take root. Characterized by an unforgiving spirit... more

What we call a real is it or are we putting up with a fake? Your not a man until you no longer have to prove it! And if do who's not convinced ? A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.The value of a man... more

Anger is an emotional response related to one's psychosociological interpretation of having been threatened. Often it indicates when one's basic boundaries are violated. Some have a learned tendency to react to anger through retaliation.... more
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