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The Enemy Within. How To Kick Out Your Dark Side"The Dweller

  • Broadcast in Spirituality



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The Isis message 10 minutes into this show seems a little slow,but i get right back into describing the dweller to you afterwards,i will have a second chapter to this show very soon ,you will not be disappointed ..care to join me for some decrees at the end of this show ?..i will bring a lovely message for the winter solstice from goddess Isis ans much more.

   today i will bring more on the topic of entity possession,the enemy within.i will cover the dark side of our self "the dweller on the threshold of our spiritual path" i will  talk about how these parasitic,intrusive entities create hatred,envy,anger,low self worth,war & every hostile & sad emotion on the planet.These Entities can keep you enslaved in bad relationships,bad moods & addicted to bad habits ,These dark,covert entities thrive on arrogance & gossip,they will work thru others around you,thru unguarded hearts ,people can harm you who are entity ridden & not understand why later,drugs& heavy drinking are fuel for these dark energies to activate..these clever entities can also wooh the birds out of the trees as they simultaneously stab u in the back .many of the negative characteristics in people come from entity possession,nobody knows this,so many good hearted people cannot figure out why they are being abused by the same people who brings them flowers and kisses etc,they do not realize these dark energies take possession of people,they have built house inside of most of us just waiting to cause trouble in our worlds,their soul purpose is to keep you resonating at a lower frequency thru activating resentment,anger,hurt,envy,a competitive vain ego etc.

These entities control the human race,they thrive on negative emotions and possess the majority.entities will create u to be spiritually lazy,un interested in spiritual growth,these entites are creating all of the war on the planet  between us.