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Get To Know Your Higher Self


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God/dess Bless,friends my name is Leh'arra,i am from Maui Hawaii ..Welcome beloved brothers and sisters,if you have been drawn to my show,its your higher self guiding you,because my show is about finding our way back to our higher self and higher frequency .. ,Please check out my youtube channel also..I cover outside of the box topics, spiritual philosophies & conscious living,i speak of a reality most are unaware of. I talk a lot about the lost teachings of the ascended masters,and the true meaning of what Jesus meant when he said the great words of I AM..the patriarchal orthodox church suppressed the true meaning of the I AM starting from the beginning stages of Christianity as a means to control and suppress the masses from not knowing how to activate their higher self,there god self....my show will unlock your mind to the store house full of jesus's and the ascended masters lost true teaching,your life will transform if you are dedicated to this light work.. here is a link to the I am site,this is where you buy the books and decree booklets. http://www.saintgermainfoundation.org/body2.htm

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Aloha,I've recently moved to Mt. Shasta California,this is a first show in a few years,lol,I may stumble but I Am back,I hope I inspire you in some small way,I am here at your service,just a struggling light worker on the path. love leh'arra... more

This is a wonderful show on the details of our higher mental body,our etheric body,emmotional body,holy christ self and I AM presence ..As Usual this will be a great show for the serious light worker who is struggling on the path to self... more

The Isis message 10 minutes into this show seems a little slow,but i get right back into describing the dweller to you afterwards,i will have a second chapter to this show very soon ,you will not be disappointed ..care to join me for some... more

Intrusive discarnate entities attach themselves to a chakra and through it connect to the central nervous system, where they enter into a parasitic relationship with the host. They are energy-sucking ?lowlifes? of the Spirit world. I will... more

I will also discuss how in the beginning of our souls creation ,in our divine cosmic blueprint we were 1/2 yin and 1/2 yang energy,not all female or male..i also want you to know that sexual energy if created out of love and devotion with your... more

This is great show,you will not be disappointed, I deleted my last show,i felt i could do a much better show for an introduction to a decree class and how we must garner light for the planet in this dark time...I now have posted some... more

I MADE A MISTAKE,WE ARE LEAVING THE PISCEIAN AGE AND COMING INTO HE NEW AGE OF AQUARIUS ,Jesus is the avatar for this passing pisceian age,and saint germain is the avatar for the coming new age of aquaruis ,sorry for... more

http://www.ascension-research.org/presence.html go to the link,i have here,it will guide you to the first 3 books you need to order to begin understanding these teachings,they are # 1 "unveiled mysteries" #2 " the magic presence" #3 "I AM... more

This information i will share with you will change your life,if you allow your soul to take the gift given to you,i am merely a vessel to channel this amazing work to you,I will discuss more on how the patriarchal orthodox church has suppressed... more
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