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The Legally Steal Show™ hosted by S.E. Day is a consumer advocate and consumer finance, talk radio show which provides a means to equalizing the playing field for the listening audience. The Show features interviews with celebrities, industry professionals, insurance providers, warranty companies, mechanics, government officials, credit bureau officials, credit union officials, CPA, Attorneys, etc.

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Happy 349th Birthday America!! I am PROUD to be an American! Aren't you? Hey LegallySteal show fans, I'm back and I'm on fire. A lot has happened and I have learned even more. Are you ready to take back your financial life? I sure hope so but first I have a question for you. Are you on track financially with your new year's goal? It is the Fourth of July and the middle of the year and you made those financial resolutions six months ago of where you wanted to be this year. I have an exciting show for you today. Tune in to take your financial pulse. If you are not on track, what happened and if you are on track, can you stay there until years end. Start questioning your financial goals and adjusting your financial footprint before we break into the holidays...you know the one where you blow your budget to hell in a matter of 30 days!
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Hey Blogtalk listners and fan of the show, I'm back after a long hietus. There are some major topics I have to hit to keep you informed starting with the home owners who had their homes foreclosed on and received an insulting check from... more

There is a reason the wealthiest individuals pay less in taxes than most of the tax paying citizens in America. That reason, business incorporation. Starting a business, even if you are working on your job, can allow you to increase your... more

Banks and credit card companies have become the new 'Credit Vultures!' You will be surprised how this happened and why you are losing. I will explain what is happening and how you can negotiate yourself to a better position. You will be... more

The economy is slowly improving and the media is the first to tell you. I even see an improvement for me and my business but this show is not about me. Are you still struggling or are things getting better? How is the housing market... more

Do you operate a service business with receivables or net 30 accounts? If so, listen to learn how Cheryl Gowan, CEO of Alternative Funding Solutions can help improve your cash flow when you need cash the most. For Small Business Only... more

We are striving and growing to bring our small business community the perfect partnership with creditor corporations. Can this help your business? It can help your business state of mind, your bottom line, and give you a needed... more

Forbes Riley gained internationally celebrity status due to her highly successful, global broadcasted infomercials for the Jack Lalanne Juicer and the Living Well Healthmaster Blender. She has been highlighted by Forbes Magazine as a... more

Who sells? EVERYBODY sells everyday!! How can you improve your chances to close a deal? How can you improve your chances to making sound decision before being sold? Join me as I interview J.M. Barry, co-author of Selling in... more

Student loan debt has topped one trillion dollars ($1,000,000,000,000). Is it a racket committed by the banks and institutions of higher learning? Can you really pay down this debt? Is obtain a college degree worth it? Join me as I... more
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