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  • Wendy Addison, Speak Out, Speak Up: 21st Century Whistle Blowers

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    Wendy Addison's life is the stuff that makes up a great film.
    Wendy began her career as a ballet dancer, but after a serious injury she stopped dancing, and turned to a new career in accounting. Because she excelled in her work, she became a board member of a company called LeisureNet. However, things took a dramatic turn when she found out that her bosses, Peter Gardener and Rodney Mitchell, were operating LeisureNet well outside the boundaries of ethical business; to be precise, approximately 6 million dollars each outside the boundaries of ethical business. Considering her options, Wendy reported them to the authorities.
    Shortly thereafter her life and that of her then 12 year old son were  threatened. Wendy left her home and country and fled to London. Wendy soon found a new job as treasurer at the Virgin Group. Her past followed her, however: She was fired within six months by owner Richard Branson who wanted to do business in South Africa with the two men for whom Wendy had worked, but the deal would not go through, as long as Wendy remained as part of Virgin Group management.
    With no legal help available due to the high visibility of the case, Wendy became known in London as a whistle blower, was dismissed by 'business God' Branson." At some point in her story,  Wendy and her son ended up begging on the streets of London for money.
    Now Wendy Addison runs her own business, ‘Speakout Speakup’. With her knowledge and first-hand experience she offers other whistle-blowers emotional, practical and legal support. Wendy also helps organisations to learn to deal with employees who suffer injustice or reveal corruption in the workplace.
    Linda Lombardo and Tom Goglia host.

  • Business Judgment Rule

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    The business judgment rule is a presumption that directors of a corporation or those who manage other entities make business decisions on an informed basis, in good faith, and with the honest belief that the course taken was in the best interest of the entity.  This podcast with Steven Migala explores the business judgment rule and explains its meaning and significance to those who serve as directors of corporations and who manage limited liability companies.

  • How Not to Become Your Own Personal Injury Case

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    Cynthia is going to speak about the process she uses to help attorneys stay in balance and out of stress.  As an attorney, you might be performing at a high level of excellence, so you are most likely unaware of how you are not in balance but in stress.  The problem with that is, over 80% of human suffering and disease is now caused by stress.
    Cynthia has a masters in psychology and is a certified Emotional Brain Training Provider.  Her emphasis is on helping attorneys learn how to quickly self-regulate their stress response throughout the day.  She has a private practice in Denver and also works with people on the phone, or through SKYPE from around the country and world-wide.
    She has lectured at the University of Colorado and Denver Law Schools, Lawyers Helping Lawyers board, Colorado Defense Lawyers Association, Colorado Trial Lawyers conference and the Colorado Legislative Legal Services. 
    Learning the self-regulation skills and tools takes approximately 6, 1 hour sessions. Doctors refer patients to her.

  • Social Networking in Schools – Can Schools Demand Passwords

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    Employers are not the only ones demanding social media passwords – schools are doing so too.  There has been lots of media attention about this – resulting in a surge of legislative activity on the issue.  In Illinois, a new law went into effect this year allowing school officials to have access to passwords to students’ social media accounts in certain situations.  The concern, of course, is how this impacts a student’s right to privacy under the Constitution and state laws.  This podcast with Kelly Anderson will explore the new law and how it could affect your children.