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    This show is dedicated to keeping families together, and to fighting the tyranny of CPS and DCFS social workers.  A secondary purpose of the show is to educate parents and relatives, or to at least show them where to get the necessary information for their fight.  The final purpose of the show is to remind the people that change can be effectuated at the ballot box, at the state and federal levels.  Let us unite, vote and elect those who will make the necessary changes.

  • The Legal Show: The Cosby Controversy Continues

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    Attorney Sarah Avraham and writer Bennet Pomerantz discuss the subjects of the day.   The audience should know that although Ms. Avraham is a licensed attorney, she is not offering legal advice in any capacity, is not establishing an attorney/client relationship with anyone listening to the show, and recommends that any listener of the show consult a local attorney for any legal advice they may require.   This show is about us discussing hot topics and how they relate to the law.   Bill Cosby was in the news in 2014 and 2015 due to multiple allegations of sexual assault and abuse by various women with whom he worked and associated.  Previously Bennet and Sarah didn’t weigh in on Mr. Cosby’s alleged “guilt” or “innocence.” This show will focus specifically on what charges are now pending and what may happen to Mr. Cosby if he is convicted.  Tune in to hear the legal point of view of this highly controversial celebrity.  

  • My Tenant has not paid his rent, what to do?

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    You have a lease with a tenant that calls for monthly rental payments of X$s on or before the first of each month. Your tenant calls you to say he can’t make the payment, what do you do? Attorney Timothy Hughes explains your rights and the steps involved with the eviction process.