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    Social Justice Hour - 02.08.14

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    Social Justice Hour w/ Ernest Fenton & Mike Fidele
    - What can you do for yourself? - Liabilities after death, who is responsible for what.

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    Fox Valley Law Center Update: Immigration Update with Mary Helen Reyna

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    The Fox Valley Law Center Update is an Internet radio podcast focused on sharing news, tips and trends in complex legal issues facing our friends and neighbors in Chicago area. This series features attorneys and guests of The Fox Valley Law Center, the general practice law firm conveniently located at the Westfield Fox Valley Law Center in Aurora, Illinois. Today’s guest is Mary Helen Reyna offers updates in immigration law including the new Illinois temporary visitor’s driver’s license.
    Interview questions and topics covered on this show:
    Immigration reform is frequently in the news and is the topic of political debate. What is the latest? The issuance of Illinois Temporary Visitor Drivers Licenses allows undocumented residents to drive. With news of Justin Bieber’s arrest, people have been talking about criminal law and deportation. ICE is self-directed to use prosecutorial discretion in focusing on public safety and threats to society.   Mary Helen Reyna graduated from The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH with a degree in criminal justice and a minor in Spanish.  She graduated from DePaul University College of Law in 2006 and was admitted to the Illinois State Bar during the same year. Mary Helen focuses her practice on immigration law and assisting immigrant clients in a variety of issues affecting the immigrant community of the south and west suburbs. Mary Helen regularly volunteers her legal services.
    Visit Fox Valley Law Center online for more about the firm.

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    eDiscovery Nuts and Bolts for Judicial Foreclosures

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    The judicial foreclosure process can be a very daunting undertaking.  From the moment the Lis Pendens or Notice of Foreclosure is filed, the homeowner will be at a serious disadvantage if he/she does not understand how to respond.
    The first step is to file an "ANSWER" to the Lis Pendens.  Along with the ANSWER, the homeowner should file a first set of Admissions-Interrogatories, Request for Production of Documents, Expert Witness Interrogatories, and ESI Interrogatories.  This last set of interrogatories refers to "Electronically Stored Information" (ESI), the heart of what ediscovery is all about.  Finally, the homeowner should also send a "Legal Hold" or "Litigation Hold" notice to the opposing party which is an ongoing obligation to ensure that any and all relevant ESI is preserved for discovery purposes.
    Once that is complete, there is also a seven-step process I like to employ in efforts to obtain as much information as possible about a mortgage:
    1. ESI Debt Validation Letter
    2. RESPA Request
    3. Legal Hold
    4. Trust Information
    5. Rule 26(f) Questions
    6. Preliminary Joint Case Management Plan
    7. eDiscovery Identification and Preservation Questionnaire
    For more information, visit our eDiscovery for Foreclosure Resolution Webinar at www.ediscoverynow.net.  Click on the Webinar of choice to obtain the entry Password to the Webinar.  You may attend live or listen as a podcast.  eDiscovery forms, Sample Legal Hold, Joint Case Management Plan, Rule 26(f) questions will be provided. 
    Call 888-502-0586 for more information.

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    In the news

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    Making the news
    Your government
    stupid crooks
    perverts corner

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    My first show!!!

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    My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!My first show!!!

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    I  discuss  issues  that  relate  to  tenants

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    Marketing Roundtable-Getting In the Door With Nursing Homes

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    Roslyn Drotar, Darin Ard with Ard Law Firm & Judy DiCioccio of Estate Planning Law Center host this conversation about marketing to nursing homes and the steps you need to take to market your elder law practice to them. 

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    Expunging Charges From Your Criminal Record

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    Are old criminal charges on your record preventing you from applying for a job or getting a promotion? Many people mistakenly believe that old criminal charges magically disappear after a number of years. Did you know that under certain circumstances you could have your charges expunged or removed from public record? Tune in as criminal defense attorney Elsa W. Smith explains the expungement process in Maryland and whether you qualify to have your charges expunged.
    Office: (301) 358-4340
    Email: lawtalk@elsawsmithlaw.com
    Podcast #201

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    this i will tell you is another subject that i know about folks. most likely this show hour 15 min.s  long., i could talk all night. working in a state prison for some 19&1/2 years. Delaware. i know this subject to be interesting to every body., even i am still so wanting my job back. athoe fired because of what i had done and done it because i was an alcoholic. i was still a good officer. but not a dick head. all officers are not the same as in every profession. i also spent time behind bars of which i knew the inmates and still run into on the streets and in the stores today. (714) 888 7448 Skype  /  302-448-0051 cant except text at this time.  E-mail:  KickMyOwnDamAssClub@yahoo.com                                                KickMyOwnDamAssClub@gmail.com                                          KickMyOwnDamAssClub@hotmail.com                                       KickMyOwnDamAssClub@aol.com                                              KickMyOwnDamAssClub.Com    Domain    Web-Site;  Still under Construction.  Michael D.   :-)

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    Getting OFF the Litigation Wheel

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    Why Mediation is a cost-effective model for resolving disputes - Getting OFF the Litigation Wheel.
    We discuss educational tips for mediate professionals for their clients to understand the "Dollars & Sense."

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    We have to stand up and fight against the oppression. Or be buried beneath the rubble of tranny.