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    Immigration Stories in the News

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    Immigration Stories in the News
    H-4 visa holders will be able receive an employment authorization document (EAD) (i.e. work permit) Judge Hansen refused a request from the Obama administration to lift the injunction the judge had ordered against expanded DACA and DAPA D.C. judge says Obama administration must stop the practice of detaining Central American families seeking asylum, since detaining the family simply to “send a message” to future immigrants was improper Hundred, possibly thousands of Mexicans will be able to possibly seek re-entry into the U.S. based on faulty/coercive advice in getting immigrants to sign "voluntary return" paperwork. For further information, comments or questions, I can be reached at (323) 924-8560 or you can send me an e-mail by clicking on the blogtalkradio mail icon, or using oacuna@mail.com. Please Note: This is just general information and is not intended to serve as legal advice for your particular legal issue.

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    Crazy PI Stories

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    This episode Crazy PI stories. Tonight myself and licensed private investigator Kristin Hagan will be discussing our own crazy experiences while working in the field. 

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    Florida Real Estate: Current Trends and Issues

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    Florida Attorney Kevin L. Deeb and Florida Real Estate Broker Gervacio Llorente discuss important issues being faced by Buyers and Sellers of Florida real estate in 2015

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    Episode 1 - Client Communications and Technology

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    Special Guest: Joshua Lenon, Lawyer in Residence - Clio, Practice Management Simplified
    What do 40% of Malpractice Claims Have to do With You? We will be discussion how today's clients, now more than ever, have high expectations when it comes to communications and the technology made specifically for law firms that can exceed your client's expectations.

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    E-Discovery Nuts and Bolts: CFPB Rules for Dual Tracking for Homeowners

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    The CFPB, which was established under the auspices of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010, codified at Pub. L. 111-203, 124 Stat. 1376-2223, issued new mortgage servicing rules that went into effect as of January 10, 2014. 
    Under the new rules, a mortgage servicer cannot initiate a foreclosure until 120 days after you fall behind in payments.  Also, the servicer cannot start the foreclosure process if a loss mitigation application is pending.
    What this means folks is that if you submit a complete loss mitigation application to your mortgage servicer after the foreclosure has started, but more than 37 days before a foreclosure sale, the servicer must stop the foreclosure proces until:
    1. The servicer informs you that you are not eligible for any loss mitigation options (and any appeal you make has been exhausted);
    2. You reject the workout option that the servicer offers to you, or
    3. You accept a workout, but fail to comply with the terms of the deal (such as not making payments during a trial modification)
    To find out more about the CFPB's new mortgage servicing rules, visit our website at www.ediscoverynow.net or call 888-502-0586 to speak with and E-Discovery Specialist.

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    Expanded DACA

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    Immigration Attorney Ellaine Carr will discuss Obama's executive action expanding DACA.  

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    Klemchuk Intellectual Property Law Review: Trademark stories in the news

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    The Klemchuk Intellectual Property Law Review is a quarterly educational Internet radio podcast focused on sharing news, tips and trends in complex legal issues focused in business, technology and innovation. Klemchuk LLP, provides patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright and trade secret services, including litigation, licensing, prosecution and other intellectual property counseling.
    Topics covered on this show by Darin Klemchuk:
    Don't Blow: Trademark Dispute Between Lawyers Who Defend Against DWIs; PODS wins $62 Million award in trademark infringement lawsuit against U-haul; Is the Alibaba Trademark Worth A $25 Billion IPO? Starbucks wins Philippine case over "Frap" trademark; Coke Ducks Trademark Suit with Zero; Cartier stresses trademark dispute is to "protect customers" not "restrict" freedom of speech. Darin Klemchuk is the founder and managing partner of Klemchuk LLP, a Dallas-based IP boutique law firm that offers comprehensive intellectual property legal services, including litigation and enforcement of all forms of intellectual property as well as registration and licensing of patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights. He can be reached at darin.klemchuk@klemchuk.com.
    Visit Klemchuk LLP online and on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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    AJustCause Coast2Coast- THIS IS A TEST SHOW ONLY!!!!

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    The Russ Faria Case: Murder Conspiracy Amongst Friends Or Wrongful Conviction?

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    Tune in on Wednesday October 22, at 8 PM CDT (What is Central Daylight Time?). We will be discussing the Russ Faria case with Michael Corbin and Mary Anderson. Michael is one of four friends of Faria that was implicated by the prosecution in this case. Mary is Faria’s cousin and family spokesperson.
    We will be taking calls during the second half of the show. Please call (347) 850-1478 with questions and comments about the case.
    Russell Faria was convicted in 2013 of murdering his wife in 2011. Faria was convicted despite the fact he had a rock solid alibi. Four witnesses testified that Faria was with them watching movies at the time of the murder. Gas station security cameras and a fast food receipt also confirm Faria’s whereabouts on the evening of the murder. The prosecution had no answers for the alibi witnesses so they turned on them, shockingly implicating all four in the crime. If these four witnesses attempted to help Faria get away with murder then why have they not been charged with a crime? They would all like to know the answer to that question as well. All four have been outspoken in this case and would like answers about the allegations made against them. At the same time, all four continue to fight for the freedom of Russ Faria.
    The judge in the case also suppressed evidence about another possible suspect that just happened to be a beneficiary of the victim’s life insurance policy. Two jurors have now come forward asking for answers, wondering why they were not told about this important evidence.
    Was Russ Faria convicted of a crime he had nothing to do with or was this a case of four friends that all conspired to help a fellow friend get away with murder? Tune in to hear the details of this compelling case.

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    Today we will touch on many of the myths floating around the Moorish community. There are plenty of uncle toms in fezzes, tarboshes, moccassins and Kufi's. Today we will address it all. Find out about Moorish Nationality, how one claims it, applies it and contracts with it. Also find out if Moors have to be apart of the MSTA for them to be Moors or recognized as such. Tune in as we discuss a wide range of topics discussing the Nationality of the Moors!

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    Talking About Police Brutality -- Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats

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    Talking about the recent cases of police brutality, the killing of two Black men, Eric Garner in Staten Island, NY, and Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.  Reading from my collection of poetry about police misconduct, "Sometimes Blue Knights Wear Black Hats."
    "Sometimes Blue Kights Wear Black Hats:" is a collection of poetry about law enforcement excesses.  Most of the poems were inspired by actual cases from around the country.  The author did not set out to compile a collection of these poems, but more and more, nearly every day, another case of law enforcement's excessive use of force was reported in the Media.  The author also did not set out to demonize law enforcement, but focused on those cases where things went terribly wrong, for a number or reasons.