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    Seattle Seahawks Star Michael Bennett Roughed up by Las Vegas Police

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    America is at the crossroads and once again, our sports heros are leading the towards change.  What began as one quarterback's refusal to stand-up for the national anthem and salute the American flag, in protest of injustice, has began the litmus test for justice in America for it's black citizens.  Colin Kaepernick is without a job in the NFL but his influence looms large and could very well change the league and politics in athletics for good.  Michael Bennett has stepped in to lead in Kaepernick's absence; and now, white comrades in the league are also stepping up to support their teammates protesting injustice.  Bennett was recently roughed-up by Las Vegas police. Let's talk about it!

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    Special Guest - Dean Kern with the Assembly of Common Law for NH

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    ****** Special Guest Appearance by DEAN KERN ******
    Thursday May 18th
    7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific, 6pm Central)
    Host: Traci Ross
    Cohost: Tre Bien
    Dean Kern started the Assembly for the Common Law Grand Jury in New Hampshire. This is their Mission Statement:
    "WE, THE PEOPLE, claiming our God-given Rights based in Christian Principles, intend to return and maintain the governance of New Hampshire, a Free and Independent nation=state to the status proclaimed by the Magna Charta, the Declaration of Independence, and the Original Organic Constitution dated 1787 and amended 1791. These God-given Rights are for ALL PEOPLE, realizing the only limitation which affects a God-given Right is where there is a conflict between the Rights claimed by two or more sovereign people."
    We'll be looking at the 13th Amendement, Common law, and the Grand Jury De Jure
    Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/275606346220416/

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    New generation

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    let's tal

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    SOS Witches Court locked up Broadcaster Chris Cave Psychiatric Hospital!

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     The witches court has locked him in a  psychiatric hospital, due to his political beliefs, for over  a month PRIOR TO HIS COMPETENCY HEARING !  He has been  moved to Clark County Nevada Jail. Chris has a competency  hearing today, Friday 6/23/2017 @ 9am Pacific time.  Competency Judge Jennifer Togliatti 702-671-4395 needs to  hear from us that Chris is not only competent, he is  brilliant and this entire patriot persecution stinks of  exactly what the Soviet Union did to Alexander Solzhenitsyn,  author of Gulag Archipelago. The Vicar General is out of  town so we have been referred to Arch Bishop Pepe'  702-735-9605. Call him and respectfully require his  intervention for Chris' immediate release. Chris is no  danger to himself or others; that is the legal standard for  mandatory psychiatric incarceration. If the Arch Bishop  requires payment, ask him to take it out of your Cestui  trust (pursuant to the Cestui que Vie Act of 1666). The case  number for Chris Cave is: C-17-320454-1.

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    Hablando de Leyes - TPS Ecuador Espera

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    Abogando Sander Denis, hablando de leyes y status de proteccion temporal

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    this i will tell you is another subject that i know about folks. most likely this show hour 15 min.s  long., i could talk all night. working in a state prison for some 19&1/2 years. Delaware. i know this subject to be interesting to every body., even i am still so wanting my job back. athoe fired because of what i had done and done it because i was an alcoholic. i was still a good officer. but not a dick head. all officers are not the same as in every profession. i also spent time behind bars of which i knew the inmates and still run into on the streets and in the stores today. (714) 888 7448 Skype  /  302-448-0051 cant except text at this time.  E-mail:  KickMyOwnDamAssClub@yahoo.com                                                KickMyOwnDamAssClub@gmail.com                                          KickMyOwnDamAssClub@hotmail.com                                       KickMyOwnDamAssClub@aol.com                                              KickMyOwnDamAssClub.Com    Domain    Web-Site;  Still under Construction.  Michael D.   :-)

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    Campus Conflict Resolution Services

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    While the show does discuss who CCRS is and what we do, it will also discuss different types of conflict and how to deal with conflict, as well as why conflict is important and crucial to society!
    Email us at ccrs@durhamcollege.ca for more info!
    Find us on facebook and twitter:

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    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast

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    The Jeremy Doesn't want to podcast, podcast.  Jeremy doesn't want to talk tonight, but we will anyway.