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    Naturalization, Waivers for Victims, and Salsa

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    Tonight will be covering something that is a goal every immigrant should seek - naturalization.  Naturalization is the process of becoming a legal US citizen of the United States of America.  Do you know what the requirements are for becoming naturalized?  What are some major pitfalls?  Do you need to know English?  What if you resided outside of the United States?  What if you committed an offense?  What if you are a male and did not register for the draft?  What should I expect?  The questions will be answered in the next session of Immigration Law Today.
    What if you are planning on proceeding with a victim visa?  What if you made past mistakes?  DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE STANDARD IS FOR THE WAIVERS FOR VICTIM VISAS?  What must you prove to USCIS?  Find out tonight!
    Salsa.  Do you like it?  What type of salsa do you prefer?  Hot or mild?  We at Feltman Law Firm love salsa and have a passion for Israel.  In an effort to show our support for the country of Israel will be donating the 1/2 funds that we generate to the country of Israel.  Call in to chat and discuss your favorite salsas! 
    Also don't forget that we have a live chat session for anyone that desires to ask questions during our radio show.  Get your questions answered by an attorney that focuses exclusively on Immigration.  
    Thanks for listening! 

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    Trademark Protection 101 with Jeff Fabian

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    In the first of hopefully many regular BlogTalkRadio programs, we'll discuss what can be protected as a trademark, when to seek trademark registration, and how to help yourself stay out of trouble for trademark infringement.
    For more information, visit www.etrademarksolutions.com.

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    Why Business Owners Lose Sleep

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    If you are a business owner, then this talk radio piece is for you. Brad Weiss, Florida Bar Certified Construction Lawyer, will be the featured speaker. Brad Weiss is with the law firm of Benson Mucci and Weiss. As an active partner, he has helped countless business owners with matters from Corporate Law to Contracts and Liens.
    This episode will spotlight trending topics directly affecting our business community.
    Being a business owner in this ever changing economy can take you by surprise when hiccups happen and business doesn't transact as easy as it's designed.
    We will cover three key areas in today's discussion:
    Construction Law, Corporate Law and Employment Law.

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    Casual Sex and Consequences

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    The expectation is that you can have it all. Sexual pleasure without any responsibility. One night, afternoon, or morning with a consenting adult, and all participants agree to just sex. But what happens when one participant is dishonest? They actually want more of your time, your money, and your commitment. What recourse do you have when a baby is the result of what was suppose to be sex without consequences?  This episode is for mature audiences.  Children under the age of 18 should obtain their parents permission before calling into the show.

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    Post Valentine's Day Special: Ask Mindy for Relationships

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    Mindy will be discussing why there is being an autopsy done even and why the doctors are being subpoenaed in the case of the late Whitney Houston.  Also, she will be discussing the Honeymoon killer trial that is taking place in Alabama.  And the evidence that the prosecution will need to have to convict the widower.

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    Immigration -- Issues in H-1 Visa Stamping

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    This is a test of blogtalkradio.  I have invited one participant.  More are welcome.  By participating in or listening to this show, you have read and agreed to be bound by the diclaimer terms available at http://www.immigration.com/disclaimer

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    Cameras in the Courtroom

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    In 1994, the O.J. Simpson murder trial was televised live. Since then Court TV has become a mainstay in many courtrooms across the country.
    Now the State of Illinois is testing the allowance of  cameras its in courtrooms.
    Diana Karge, president of AmicusLink, will discuss the impact or lack thereof of court hearings and trials being broadcast.

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    Social Security Disability Basics

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    In this week's episode, we will be talking about Social Security Disability basics. What does SSDI and SSD really mean? Let us help you find out what Social Security Disability really means for you.

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    Important Facts About Your Ohio Personal Injury Claim

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    Important Facts About Your Ohio Personal Injury Claim - Learn Secrets Big Insurance Does not Want You To Find out
    If you have a serious personal injury that you think was caused by the fault of another and do not know what steps to take this show on Ohio personal injury law is for you. Learn insider tips so you can maximize the value of your case and not take less than you deserve.
    Hosted by Cincinnati personal injury lawyer Anthony Castelli attorney , he will share his knowledge gained over the last 30 years fighting big insurance for his injury clients. 
    Learn The Following Tips and Inside Secrets
    1. What is the best car insurance for your car accident injury that protects you in the event of an uninsured/underinsured driver causing you injury
    2. What are the Tpo 7 Frequently asked questions you need to ask about your personal injury settlement claim
    3. What are 5 critical things you should do to help maximize the value of your claim
    4. Do I need to hire a personal injury lawyer for my claim
    5. The most criticical question to ask a personal injury lawyer before you hire them
    6. How you can afford to hire a great personal injury attorney
    7. The 7 step process to hiring the best personal injury lawyer for you

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    What is THE DREAM ACT

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      The Immigration Doctor will discuss the much argued about (at least in Congress) Dream Act which would give children brought into the country illegally an option to legalize their status.