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    Kuzyk Law's "Fighting for Justice" Radio Show

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    Kuzyk Law's "Fighting for Justice" Radio with Attorney's Reid Breitman, Mark Leonardo, and Robert Ryan Call Kuzyk Law at (661) 945-6969
    Stories Include:
    Tesla's Autopilot investigation could change the nature of auto recalls
     Just a few months after the federal government opened up its investigation into Tesla's Autopilot system, the electric carmaker released a software update that could have prevented the whole ordeal in the first place.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched its investigation in June after a driver died in an accident that occurred while his Tesla Model S was operating with Autopilot activated. 
    Lawsuit Demands Apple Lock iPhones To Stop Texting While Driving
     A new class-action lawsuit filed in California earlier this week aims to hold Apple accountable for a number of automobile accidents caused by drivers getting distracted by their iPhones. The folks behind lawsuit are hoping to force the company to install a new safety feature on its devices to prevent users from texting while they are driving. According to the suit, Apple has possessed the technology required to implement such a feature since 2008, and was granted a patent for it in 2014. 
    A man in California was charged with driving under the influence—of caffeine. Yes, essentially a DUI for drinking too much Starbucks.
    Joining us now is Mr. Schwab’s Attorney, Solano County Criminal Defense Attorney Stacy Barrett. We can learn more about her by visiting http://www.maascriminaldefense.com/. Ms. Barrett welcome to the program.

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    Cook Productions Subpoena Notice from ISP

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    Bittorent Illegal Movie Download Cases - January 2017 Updates for Mr. Church (Cook Prodictions, Inc.)
    The following is general legal information only and not legal advice.  In this episode of Vondran Legal Hour, Attorney Steve the Copyright Lawyer discusses Cook Production, Inc. lawsuits.  If you receive a notice of suboena, or were served a federal summons and complaint (for example cases have recently been filed in Hawaii, Illinios, Washington) and need to discuss your legal options, call us at (877) 276-5084.
    You should also visit our website at Torrent Defenders.
    More information about subpoenas can be found here.
    Motion to Quash subpoena information can be found here.

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    Raecine Tyes Live! MONEY 101 -Special Guest- Attorney Michael A. Baskin

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    Attorney Michael A. Baskin prevails against Kroger and wins $700,000 on behalf of a 78 year old Veteran. He discusses the fraudulent practices involved regarding their inspection reports. He also shares important information every consumer should know if you are in a similar situation.

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    ONSLAUGHT on Motherhood

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    Someone I've known since I first started advocating for other single moms like myself is coming on tonight to talk about her participation in the Women's March on Washington the weekend after the presidential inauguration, the struggles we all face in court and her 15-day incarceration and its debilitating effect. (I imagine we'll probably discuss the many ways our new administration is depriving children of loving mothers by deporting them, which has been in the news recently.)
    First of all, Marre should not be punished. She should be commended. She has given life to six BEAUTIFUL children! I'm thrilled to have her on my show tonight. Also, Lauren Ann will be on to help discuss fallacies of family court that commonly trip up mothers like us who THINK we can prepare for the legal abuse we will all inevitably suffer in a system purposefully designed to make NO sense and destroy us all financially, and she has some insights into how we can obtain relief after suffering debilitating legal abuse.
    Please call in!

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    This show is dedicated to keeping families together, and to fighting the tyranny of CPS and DCFS social workers.  A secondary purpose of the show is to educate parents and relatives, or to at least show them where to get the necessary  for their fight.  The final purpose of the show is to remind the people that change can be effectuated at the ballot box, at the state and federal levels.  Let us unite, vote and elect those who will make the necessary changes.

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    Welcome to another episode of the Liberator Speaks. Shyaam The Liberator and Friends will discuss the several constitutionally guaranteed rights of U.S. citizens and non U.S. citizens. We will discuss the several amendments, and their application, the difference between alienable and unalienable rights. We will discuss how to invoke them in Court and how to use them to challenge the jurisdiction of the court. We will also discuss the badges and incidents of slavery, how to spot them, and how to articulate them as a violation of rights to be free from them. Last but not least we will discuss the differences between constitutional law, and statutes codes and ordinances. Don't miss this thought provoking and informative epsiode.

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    Vaccines - Ingredients

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    Our effort today will focus on the ingredients of vaccines, the application of vaccines and the consequences.

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    Guest Speaker Judge Anna von Reitz on gold, banking, individual sovereignty

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    Guest Speaker Judge Anna von Reitz speaks on gold, banking, individual sovereignty, and the restoration of the American Republic. Links For this episode:
    American States and Nations Bank: asanbank.net  Brilliance In Commerce Website: brillianceincommerce.com

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    Discovery Process in Criminal Cases

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    This podcast, with defense attorney James Doerr, focuses on the discovery process in criminal cases, the tools (Motions for Discovery, Subpoenas) used by defense attorneys to obtain evidence, the evidence review process and ultimately the defenses that arise based upon the review of evidence.     

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    Key Insurance Coverage Decision in 2016 and Cases to Follow in 2017

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    Ringing in the New Year:  In this episode of Hinshaw Insurance Law Radio, we ring in the new insurance coverage year.  Jeff Sistrunk, senior insurance reporter for Law360, joins host Scott Seaman to discuss key insurance coverage decisions in 2016, as well as some cases to follow in 2017.  There were several notable coverage decisions over the past year and there are several pending cases that present interesting issues.  Mr. Sistrunk tells us how he went about selecting the top cases for his Law360 articles and discusses what makes these decisions important.   

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    In The State Of Mississippi Carla Hughes Was Framed

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    Carla Hughes Was Framed!
    Carla Hughes is a former public school teacher with a Master's degree in education. Carla was framed, tried and convicted of capital murder in the death of Avis Banks and her unborn child.  Carla is also a victim of Dr. Steven Hayne's testimony. Dr. Hayne was the subject of "The Innocence Project's Formal Records Request to Determine how much Hayne used state labs for Autopsy Misconduct."  http://www.innocenceproject.org/news-events-exonerations/press-releases/innocence-project-issues-formal-records-requests-to-determine-how-much-hayne-uses-state-labs-for-autopsy-misconduct Carla was represented by an experienced Tobacco Litigation attorney who appears to have had expertise in civil law, not capital murder.   While Carla's family paid dearly for her legal representation, they are currently in need of assistance to provide expert legal services for her.  Carla desperately needs a private investigator and a seasoned criminal attorney. Please donate to the Carla Hughes Legal Defense Fund. http://gogetfunding.com/project/carla-hughes-legal-defense-fund Please Assist Carla!!