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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

On-Demand Episodes

Health care entrepreneur Evan Falchuk is running for MA Governor for the nascent United Independent Party. He wants the win along with his LG mate Angus Jennings. Regardless of the results at the least, he's confident that his... more

We'll recap the Massachusetts party [primaries and risk humiliation predicitng the campaigns, then results for November's general. The previous day's preimary may settle all, or nearly all, Democratic contests. Now the fun begins. The GOP... more

Move along, Republicans. There's not much to see in your primary on 9/9/ Dems, on the other hand, hie to the polls and come prepared with your choices. For the GOP, only the Governor slot is contested, and most statewide slots have no... more

Post 9-11 we as a natiion gave up much to police, military, guard, spook agencies and the TSA. So now it's come to the stunning events in Ferguson MO. We'll talk from our distance about race, police state, summary citizen executiion,... more

From a clerk at Stop & Shop to MA's treasurer/receiver-general? That's not a stretch when we know that Deb Goldberg may have started at the bottom of the grocer, but that she is from the founding family. She picked up a Harvard MBA,... more

Tom Conroy is campaigning for treasurer/receiver general of MA with a promise to advance the commonwealth by bolstering the middle class. He says he's best positioned and has the skills and experience to improve educational and job... more

Barry Finegold itches to become MA Treasurer/Receiver-General. The State Senator works with the current office holder, Steve Grossman, on the Financial Literacy Trust Fund, which helps seniors, veterans and youth understand... more

Up here in blue-ish Massachusetts, we're comfortable with compassion and empathy as American traits. Our governor, Deval Patrick, is one of the few saying to treat the influx of Central and South American kids as refugees. We find it... more

Dem candidate for LG Steve Kerrigan sees pivotal roles for the office in MA. In his platform (a.k.a. vision), he envisions the second in command in the commonwealth as resolving problems for citizens, business types and officials.... more

Dem candidate for MA LT GOV Mike Lake is a tall guy with tall plans. He made the cut for September's primary and has a vision for the office as shown on his campaign site. Of course, we'll talk about his positions and credentials. We'll... more