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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

On-Demand Episodes

As nasty, dishonorable and dishonest as the ads and speeches have been, anti-gay and right-wing (huge overlap) types have been successful in stymying access to public facilities with clever framing. When the issue is simply whether... more

A Pew study, centered on millennials and their hyperconnectivity, holds truth even a couple of years later. The always-connected, instant-gratification types have their hubris here. They pride themselves in being worthy, so worthy they... more

Boston District 5 Cty Councilor Tim McCarthy is all about the number-one selling point for local pols — constituent services. He's been at it for a long time working with and for Mayor Tom Menino. He was head of Neighborhood... more

We as a culture from middle school through gray heads allow our vanity to slay us. We bought into the pretense that we are all brilliant, innate multitaskers. Jive! Fact is, that is not the normal human state...not mine, nor yours. We are like... more

Not a huge surprise — another mass slaying in the United States. Not at all a surprise — gun apologists and winger media try to cut off any debate of what to do. Unfortunately, I've been compelled to do this before. I'll hit on... more

OK, boys and girls, haven't we all had enough of the awkward dance for both Republican and Democratic 2016 candidates for prez? Now it looks like no more GOP'ers stomping in and a better than even chance VP Joe Biden will mull the... more

The Duke, a.k.a. Michael Dukakis, and I have kicked around transit fares at public hearings, the Rail-volution conference and here on Left Ahead. I say subways, trolleys, buses and commuter rail should be free. The employees should attend... more

Only the latest much publicized multiple gun murder...this time in Virginia...raises the curtain on guns-don't-kill v. gun-control-laws-save-lives choruses. Let's get real this afternoon. That doesn't go any place. Shout over the fence. I'm... more

For those younguns who say, "I wasn't even born yet" as an excuse for ignorance, let's talk Congress and President. The pols may claim they are bipartisan or above it all (that's a good compagin ploy) but the memories of their parties'... more