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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

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Say guilty 30 times for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the Boston Marathon bomber. Next up...execution or life in a federal pen. And for something completely different, MA Gov. Charlie Baker's Special Panel in Review of the MBTA (Metropolitan... more

With same-sex marriage battle lost — waiting only for the SCOTUS cymbal clap in June, wingers are pig piling on a new ploy. In numerous states, legislatures are pretending to protect religious freedom from the inevitable and... more

Why oh why do so many Americans fear big ideas? Seems like we'd rather have a President who is a stereotypical accountant than a bold-stroke leader. I wasn't even going to get into the HIllary Clinton v. Elizabeth Warren game, much... more

I guess this falls in the rant class, but in a largely pleasant way this time. I was struck most recently by two phenomena centered in my state. Both show the inexplicable tenacity of anti-gay types, even in an allegedly liberal fort. There is... more

This week's guest is Boston City Councilor Steve Murphy. He earned stripes on top of stripes, as long-time financial guru of the body along with a couple of terms as its President. While a quiet type, he has always been one of the highest... more

What's said and unsaid is rarely as pointed as when money is involved. Add a heavy dose of politics and poof! you have budget proposals. MA's newish Gov. Charlie Baker made his first and it was pretty good theater. I hit the highlights... more

He was Boston's education City Councilor. Then when John Connolly stepped down to run for mayor, his heart and head stayed with schools. Even after he lost that race, he rebounded to a new focus, one he calls his mission. He... more

The easy part is the snow, but it hides and reveals much. Underlying the white stuff, the ice, the subzero weeks, what does Boston's ability to manage itself say now and beyond? Chums around the country and beyond ask us how we are... more

As much as we in Boston and New England consider weather talk a sport, we're tired. In the past 10 days or so, we've had over five feet of snow, with no melting. It's Buffalo/Rochester levels and no longer amusing. With closed offices... more