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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

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Everyone's uncle, niece, cousin and coworker has opinions on the Presidential race. Hovering between the Iowa caucuses and the New Hampshire primary, we blowhards just le it rip. My turn. I'll drop my cornhusker conclusions —... more

Huge disadvantages of the fabulously wealthy include no one around with the guts and wit to say, "You're being stupid!" Another, more intractable one is the delusion if you are rich you must be brilliant...in everything. Over the past decade or... more

In one city after another, police who kill unarmed citizens testify they feared for their lives. In stand-your-ground states, ordinary folk with guns kill other citizens by the same alibi. Nearly always there are no charges or penalties... more

Despite my many years of marriage-equality support and blogging, have never ceased my amazement at the pretend persecution of anti-gay types. I'll deal with a case or two where those who hate and would harm, hamper, hurt and hinder... more

Spoiled for two centuries, we have long viewed attacks on our nation as over there, as out there. San Bernadino's butchery suddenly manifests that fantasy. Of course, we've deluded ourselves and continue to. We imagine against all... more

With a mass shooting literally daily in the U.S., surely we've had enough. I wanted to avoid the subject, which has been pretty well covered. Yet, the several recent mass murders won't let me. I think they won't let most Americans, not any more.... more

As nasty, dishonorable and dishonest as the ads and speeches have been, anti-gay and right-wing (huge overlap) types have been successful in stymying access to public facilities with clever framing. When the issue is simply whether... more

A Pew study, centered on millennials and their hyperconnectivity, holds truth even a couple of years later. The always-connected, instant-gratification types have their hubris here. They pride themselves in being worthy, so worthy they... more

Boston District 5 Cty Councilor Tim McCarthy is all about the number-one selling point for local pols — constituent services. He's been at it for a long time working with and for Mayor Tom Menino. He was head of Neighborhood... more