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Massachusetts progressives working, writing, blogging and speaking for social and political change.

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Not my usual political show, this is in the spirt of the pending holidays. I talk about how I grew up cooking, shopping, farming, and getting friendly with food. I am the main cook around here, have taught my wife and three sons, and love food and... more

No, marriagte equality is not total or final in the U.S. If you're wondering how we got so far so fast, our guest can help with that. Marc Solomon is national campagign director for Freedom to Marry. His book coming out tomorrow details... more

MA voting for 2016 (and any special elections before) will be more complex. As of 11/4/14, we have one new and one revived political party. Evan Falchuk the United Independent Party (UIP) for governor got the requisite 3% of the vote to... more

Whither Massachusetts? We'll look at who'll be the new governor and what that means. Can the nwe governor create and drive aq platform and vision. Instead, will the stolid legislature creep along as it is wont? This election was not... more

We give oneWe'll last look at next week's general election, a bit national and a lot of Massachusetts. Polls and paper endorsements favor failed gubdernatorial candidate GOP Charlie Baker oer failed US Senate candidate Dem Martha... more

Rant time, and a break from politics... Mike goes to the wonder of denial. A murder, child molestation or other horror happens. Is your immediate response that it never happens or simply can't happen on our block, in your... more

Huge news on marriage equality via SCOTUS. Thke Supremes will not hear five states' pleas to uphold their SSM bans rejected by federal courts. In another district, six more states' hopes for the same were likely dashed by the news.... more

Settled, unsettled, out-for-bids, up-for-rejection, big-time gambling is up to MA voters on Nov. 4th. The legislature approve three casinos in the no-lnger-Puritan state (which by the bye makes billions on its lottery). A ballot question appears... more

MA is not CA, but this elwection at least, we get a plethora of ballot questions. In our case, the excess is four votes that qualified for Nov. 4th. Tune in for truth and knowledge (at least in our best cuts). Three questions have roaring proponents... more