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Jolli Ali

Left Blank


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(TAKING A BREAK FOR SOME TIME ... SEE YA'LL LATERS)----> TO MY PEOPLE, BLACK AFRIKAN POWER - The way things are going it seems like it will continue to get increasingly worse. How do we deal with all the misinformation? How do we deal with the misplaced anger and aggression? They poison our food. They poison our water. They poison our air. They poison our music. They want to poison us. They want to poison our children. They want to track everywhere we go. DAMN!!! With all the things they want to strip away from us it has the tendency to leave us feeling empty ... Left Blank. I find that if we journey together we can encourage one another to maintain our path and reach our destiny. We may not be on the same path but we can still get there with each other's assistence

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during tonights episode, on Left Blank with your host for the evening Jolli Ali, we will take a stroll down memory lane and take a look at some previous episodes --- all the way back when the show was called Shyts and Giggles with Li as the... more

now is the time for solutions. i know it. you know it. we all know the time is now. join me, Jolli Ali, and my wonderfully extra special guest Don Nicoleone, as we discuss the ways and means to healing and repairing our Black community,... more

tonight we have the pleasure once again to converse with one of my favortie people ... my EX HUSBAND ... tune in for what i expect to be an evening of interesting and thoughtful expression ... Wednesday @ 10p

late night with the DON NICOLEONE SHOW has just started for the night so we brought the party over to Left Blank ... and by we i mean me (Jolli Ali), God Nicole (Don Nicoleone), Steven (Warlord X), Jay Earley, Prophet Andre (the... more

this is the second anniversary of The Great Amerikan Speak Out ... where we encourage folks to call in and share their experience with any kind of abuse in order to give folks a change to speak of things they may not have spoken about... more

this week we discussed, and by we i totally mean me, the pope being brought up on charges, how i love my overgrown backyard and submission ... i think there is like 30 minutes of music in the beginning, but after that its full throttle Clip of... more

on this episode of Left Blank with your host for the evening Jolli Ali we discussed the imbalance of the conscious/religious communities stance on sex regarding women as well as my personal situation with jealously between women and how... more

On April 5th, 2011 a mock trial was held on the Don Nicoleone show ... Jolli Ali vs Rodney Walker - Conspiracy to Commit Government Retribution and libel. Don Nicoleone was Rodney Walker's lawyer and I defended myself. This show is a... more

it is my intention to share the realities of the public welfare system and all that implies so that people who have been lead to believe the problems in our society comes from people looking for and/or accepting "handouts" can identifying where... more
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