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I’m Leesa Myers, a Relationship Coach, Hypnotherapist, Author and engaging speaker who specializes in helping business and people build healthier relationships and to navigate the most difficult relationship challenges in their lives. While I work with a wide range of clients here are a few examples of the most common issues I work with: Many people come to me to improve their current relationships. Failed Relationships: Sometimes, no matter how hard you try,you are contemplating divorce, or going through a divorce. The way you navigate your divorce can have a profound impact on the long-term happiness and well being of you, your children and your former spouse. Rejection by Others Sometimes people find that their true and honest life path leads them to be rejected by their families, communities and sometimes society as a whole. While these issues can be difficult to navigate alone, there is hope! Many clients who come to me need to create healthier, more honest relationships with society and the people around them, without hiding or sacrificing who they are. Getting started is easy and FREE. Contact Leesa today for a FREE relationship strategy session. I’m just a phone call away: 801-824-0774 or send me an email: Leesa@Leesamyers.com
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