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Lebal Drocer

Radio HATE


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you're listening to hate radio, where dreams are fulfilled.

we're just two good old boys, doin' sum radio

Join your hosts kilgoar and hatesec for a spectacular night of hate.

Just two good old boys - a couple of 'bastards of fate' if you will - doing a nightly radio broadcast, forcing their liberty down your fat, stinking gullets. Get wrecked, son. This is Hate Radio.

Join your favorite radio hosts and writers - whichever's better - for another exciting episode of chronicle.su #HATE radio!

Get groady with kilgoar writer hatesec chronicle SU overloards SATAN and the Angel Biscuits!

Watch out NYT! Papa Bear's a-comin'!

Join your hosts kilgoar and hatesec for another hate-filled rendition of everyone's favorite radio show - Radio HATE is brought to you proudly by the potent and virile minds behind Lebal Drocer, Inc.

Take your #terrormax and get ready for an all new episode of chronicle.su HATE Radio, brought to you proudly by Lebal Drocer, Inc. Radio Hate is fair and balanced, and colored by paranoid delusions of grandeur. Uncertainty is... more