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Chosen as 2011's 'Best Upcoming Internet Boxing Radio Show' by Pedro Fernandez of 'Ringtalk' radio, Leave it in the Ring creator David Duenez and co-host Gabriel Montoya of Maxboxing have provided some of the best exclusive content to the boxing world. Every Thursday evening at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST, Leave it in the Ring radio offers the latest in boxing news, post-fight analysis, and interviews. Champions, trainers, and callers alike join our esteemed hosts for three commercial-free hours of boxing talk as they provide fight fans with unfiltered access into the hurt business. With thanks to our producer David Chen and public-relations Jesse 'Red' Garcia working behind the scenes, the LIITR team tirelessly endeavors to bring the inside scoop to the most dedicated of boxing fans. So grab a beer, relax, and lets talk boxing! Because boxing is not just a sport to us, it's a lifestyle.

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Team Margarito Trainer Robert Garcia joins the staff of LIITR for the 1st time to speak out his upcoming fight and then two familiar guests join Lightweight Brandon Rios and rapstar R.A Rugged


www.Leave-it-in-the-RinG.com Brings a interview that the world has been waiting for ! Since his release Jr Middleweight powerhouse James Kirkland joins the crew to talk about what he his exceptions are since being released and his... more

3HOURS OF BOXING TALK http://www.leave-it-in-the-ring.com

Leave it in the RinG Boxingscene.com Official Radio Show. Make sure you fast forward the music that interrupts the show so u roll into the show

http://www.leave-it-in-the-ring.com Boxingscene Official Radio Show

Boxingscene Official radio show Leave it in the RinG