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Spiritual Happy Hour- with Jennifer Louziotis

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Janelle Hoyland is back this week and we will be talking about Ushering in the Golden Age and the end of the Mayan calendar.  We will be taking calls, answering questions and Janelle will do mini readings as well.  Call in at 12:50 to get on with Janelle.  


3:43 Jen Louziotis

Hi, good afternoon everybody! Its Jen and Keith here on Leap of Faith Radio. We are about to change our title to Spiritual Happy Hour. We have Janelle Hoyland with us again today and we're so happy to have her. We're gonna be talking about 12/21 and what that means to all of us, assuring in a new age, a new age of communicating with each other and being with each other. But before we bring Janelle on, I just wanted to make mention of the tragedy that happened in Newtown, Connecticut last week as Keith and I we're about to go on air, we heard about the tragedy and we didn't have time to send out our thoughts and prayers to the whole community of Newtown, Connecticut. So, I just wanted to put that out there and now we'll go ahead and bring Janelle on. Hey, Janelle are you there?

4:37 Janelle Hoyland

Hi! How are you?

4:40 Jen Louziotis

Good. (laughs) Pretty good. Having my own 12/21 technical issues here, but Keith, thank God he's here, he's bringing me through, and you too. So uhm, so glad you're here with us today and just wanted to throw it on over to you if you could talk a little bit about "the shift" and what that means for all of us, what is 12/21, what we all feeling, what's going on and what does that mean to us?

5:11 Janelle Hoyland

Right. Well, it's so interesting because, you know I have been talking a little bit about, you know the energy kind of speeding up, speeding up, speeding up, and a lot of us can feel that ticking being faster, faster, faster, faster, but there is also a sense of agitation with it as well. So if you're a little more irritated with people or sure with people some normal. The thing is, to you is, you know a lot of people look at it as the first thought, you know it might be the end of the world or apocalypse or some of those kind of odd things but really in the Mayan calendar, its just the end of the long calendar which means it is the beginning of a new birth on the earth.

5:58 Keith Sedor

Hey yeah. It's funny you said that, Janelle. It's funny you said that because I consider myself somebody with infinite amount of patience and when chaos is going on around me, I kind of just take a mental step back and just have a wonder about it all but this past week or two, I have not suffer fools gladly at all and I have just had an infinite amount of impatience.

6:24 Janelle Hoyland

Yes (laughs)...that is the shift (laughs). It's interesting because you could look at it, like okay I am being less patient or less compassionate, but it's actually that your spirit or your soul, it's kind of like in this little bit of frustration with the amount of negativity that we're experiencing on the earth and so we're kind of experiencing the negative energy, we're also experiencing the light as well. So...

7:03 Keith Sedor

Oh I'm sorry, it's interesting because it's so out of character for me to have experienced that level of impatience the past week or two.

7:11 Janelle Hoyland

Right. Well, so, you know I say, if I'm agitated and frustrated, that's a pretty good indication that we're having so much staff going on cause I'm like extremely patient with people. And for me it occurs and I feel like from a deep place within me of "Come on everybody let's go, let's go, let's go" you know we have somewhere to be, we have something to do, quick complaining let's get there, let's get there, let's get there. Do whatever it is that you need to do, be happy, do what it is, whatever it is, let's go. Let's collectively go, it's enough time we've wasted already complaining and whatever is the case may be. Let's go, let's open our hearts and express ourselves and go for what your desire is. What's your holding on?

7:56 Jen Louziotis

So is it just like your body catching up to your soul then? Is it like the human reaction to everything, the subconscious, for some of us more conscious than other's reaction?

8:10 Janelle Hoyland


8:11 Jen Louziotis

--and has it ever happened how we had little beliefs like this before.

8:19 Janelle Hoyland

Yes. Yes. We actually have, yes. In this lifetime as well as in some of the other past lifetimes as well. So, in this lifetime, when the beliefs happened in the week of 12/12.

8:31 Jen Louziotis


8:33 Janelle Hoyland

We had a little bit of frustration time in that as well and it is because the soul knows the truth, right? And it's always just gonna be your unconscious leader to bring out the truth in you. And so, the world you know is moving there right, a bit of the slow progression because we're dealing with, you know phenomenon in the world that are extreme in nature and so the soul is having some sadness and agitation about that as well.

9:11 Jen Louziotis

Wow. So, you and I talk about this all the time, the headaches, and I think we talked about this last week. So that the headaches, the fogginess or as you just said agitation. How much longer obviously from the day-to-day agitation, how much longer are we going to be feeling this kind of thing? Is it since we're moving in today? Are we not done with the shift? Does it ease up starting today or what happens moving forward?

9:43 Janelle Hoyland

Oh, that's a great question because it's something that was asked to me, I'm not kidding you. I've got three personal phone calls from really good friends of mine this morning about that. And you know, and I wanted to know for myself so I already asked the question. I'm like okay, I know we shifted because I can feel it but when is the agitation or when is the headaches or when is the little bit of weight gain __10:11__, you know that kind of thing and they gave me two days. They said the 27th and I said the 31st. But, I also know that there are ways of people. Okay, so like there is first wave of people then the second wave of people then the third, so that no one gets left out. Right of that, that we all consciously grow and evolve and experience the world in a different way. That being said, I think the people that are experiencing those kind of phenomenon and the challenges within your body and emotions are -- in your life as well -- are what I call groundbreakers, first runners you know. And I think they usher in the way for other people to kind of jump on and I always say I get to do it first. So uhm (laughs) and then you know I can go oh okay yeah this is what that is (laughs). But it's the waves of consciousness I feel like it does not mean you're any less connected or any less spiritual, or any less limited, you know or limited, you know it does not mean you are in a different place in your life. It just means that there are people that are going to help and -- like myself in that transition, in that test.

11:39 Jen Louziotis

So, it's like your soul-- tell me if I got this right -- your soul opening up to what you're put on the earth to do with that right? And so as you awaken, you do the domino effect and awaken other people around you?

11:55 Janelle Hoyland

Uh-um. Yes. It's also not just what you're here to do but it's also who you are meant to be. Like who your soul is really. Because for the most part, you know kind of like I was saying last time, it's you know we're really touching 1% of our spiritual potential at any given moment. Because the body is built to work in conjunction with the soul, but the soul knows no time, knows no limits, knows no body in a sense. It's knows only universal infinite space. So, putting it a vehicle like the body, it's you know a little challenging when we have a big spiritual movement coming because are just ready to go. It just wants to go. So, suppose your life, you know, like what kind of life you are meant to have, what your soul wanted to create in this lifetime. It has to deal with Karmic or life school and the other part of it is, what are you here to do, what you are here to give to the planet. What are you here to give to other people your service? So...

13:10 Jen Louziotis

Ok, how do you get more in touch with that then? I mean I know we're all awakening and opening up or you're just saying okay this is my intuition, when it feels right you just sort of keep stepping in that direction. I'm sure you're gonna tell me it's different for every person but kind of taking that what you're telling me on a macro level, how do we take it down to a micro level on a daily basis, to around a weekly basis and sort of apply that, how do we know we're heading in the right direction?

13:39 Janelle Hoyland

Well, I think that the one thing is some people look at like if they are having frustrations like now, you know agitation and stuff like that. They look at that as "Oh well then I'm not heading in the right direction" and sometimes that's not the case. Sometimes if you're experiencing those you know frustration or agitation moments, it's time to take a step out and say okay is this part of something else that doesn't have anything to do with me. That's paying attention to your own surrounding and listening to your own intuition. But I think for most people, the quieter that you get you know within yourself, the more time that you take to nurture yourself. The more you will feel more inclined to live a life that is more authentic for who you actually are. And that looks like slowing down maybe. It maybe, you know, maybe taking more __14:39__ or you know walking outside or whatever the case maybe.

14:45 Keith Sedor

So, it's more about the state of reaching a state of being rather than doing?

14:49 Janelle Hoyland

Yes. Yes. It's more -- in my experience, you know in my own personal -- you know because I also have to evolve through this process as well. It's not you know, you know, obviously when I was 15, I'm not connected in the same way as I was then, you know incidentally a greater experience now for me. And that came about by being in the moment with whatever that is that I need to be. So if I need to be president to my marriage, then I am more present to my marriage. If I need to be more present to my work, then I'm more present to my work. Whatever the case is.

15:31 Keith Sedor

That actually makes a lot of sense. Because when you break it right down to the fundamentals, we are not humans doing, we are humans being.

15:42 Janelle Hoyland

Yes. Yeah, it's very true because that's what I said, you know the soul does not know what earth plain is or phenomena that we experience. That is a human body experience, so that is why there is frustration or agitation or body illness or things like that because that you are bringing a large amount of spiritual remembrance in and the soul remembers, the soul knows that this is a limited capacity in the sense of the body. The truth is, is that there is no veil between this side and that. It's just a reality that either you experience or don't, and when you step into experiencing it your soul will always lead you back to experiencing it which is being. It's not that, it's for a select few. I think in belief that God intended it for every single person that is how we were originally created, in this vehicle. There is just no possible way that we could experience this on a cellular level within our DNA if it wasn't encoded to be there.

16:58 Jen Louziotis

So, Janelle what part potential then, you know, how you said we're using just 1%, right? What is the potential now? Can everybody just, if we all just step in do we, what are they saying about that? How do we, how far can we go? Like that's just my question.

17:15 Janelle Hoyland

It's really unlimited. It is up to the body how much the body can take, you know because the -- that's why we experiencing challenges in the body right now, because, the body has to take a period of adjustment to bring in higher frequency. Because the body is really a dense vehicle, right, and so when you push and experience -- not push but when you -- we have a push universally and experience a lot of growth, you know. That's why some people can only experience it during near-death-experiences because it is a lot of energy to take in for the body. But the truth is, there is nothing that we aren't capable of doing. We are capable of healing ourselves, we are capable of not being limited by time. We are capable of experiencing our loved ones here as clearly as you and me. We are capable of interacting with angels and being led that way. We are, you know, capable of bilocating and being in two different places at one time. All of these things I believe are natural talents that God gave us, but we were not ready for.

18:31 Jen Louziotis

Oh, we weren't ready for. I was gonna say to you so are we. We talked about this last week how we are born with the soft spot and as a direct channel. Back and forth communication and then it shuts down. So I was about to say to you are we just continually blocking it in all of her stress and everyday life, you know with just one of us and then like you're saying, you need that moment of being just being...

18:54 Janelle Hoyland


18:55 Jen Louziotis

--to get back in touch, to open it up to keep moving forward.

18:59 Janelle Hoyland

Yes. And each moment that you connect like that very authentically, your body and your chemistry are not the same after these moments. You don't ever go backwards.

19:13 Jen Louziotis

Oh really? Is that's right? Wow! Okay, wow.

19:15 Janelle Hoyland

You always move forward. Even though in appearances in the world phenomenon, it may be or in your thought process that you are moving backwards, but the truth is, is that I have never seen or experienced anyone that is going backwards.

19:31 Jen Louziotis


19:32 Janelle Hoyland

In our connection.

19:33 Jen Louziotis

Huh, uhm. I am kind of hearing off past for a minute, it's parallel. But how are children experiencing the shift? Are hearing, I mean I know you have your won kids, I have my kids...

19:43 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah. Yeah.

19:46 Jen Louziotis

...uhm are you hearing anything or just hearing anything about how, are they going through it more easily or are they not because they're getting all agitation and frustration or is there is anything that we need to do to help them?

20:01 Janelle Hoyland

Well I think you know the more grounded in our family unit that we can be, you know the better for them. But like with my children, you know they are experiencing the same things in the sense of headaches, sinus issue, agitation, hormonal adjustments, those kind of things. My kids are experiencing this, but I know in a sense, you know my kids are kind of like me, they're gonna be a little bit ahead anyway. But when I ask them they say you know we just do, I do not know why I'm just frustrated and agitated.

20:37 Jen Louziotis


20:39 Janelle Hoyland

So (cross talk) from them.

20:40 Jen Louziotis

You don't get much.

20:42 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, I know they're... (laughs)

20:44 Jen Louziotis

(cross talk) Like yeah, I'm fine mom.

20:45 Janelle Hoyland

(Cross talk) ...a little bit ahead.

20:46 Jen Louziotis


20:47 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A little but you know I don't really want to talk you about that mumbo jumbo stuff.

20:52 Jen Louziotis


20:53 Janelle Hoyland

(laughs) Well that's a teenager for you, so you know, in that sense. But you know, getting back to the shifting part of it, you know that's why you know so many people are having so many things hit them all at once. You know, it's the losing the, losing the job, it's the you know, marriage that maybe struggling. It's your health that may be at issue, maybe your family is acting out more so than normal. All of those things. If you're getting hit with more than one, well you're in the shift, and that's okay. It will move. It just meant, you know we're meant to learn something from it. Just like all of the experiences that we had. You know, going back even further to like 9/11 and then hurricane Sandy and then you know losing all the wonderful children that we did. Those are all heart-opening experiences. You know, because we need to know what really matures to us and I'm not making light of it at all, but just saying you know these are really big moments in our history when our kids re-back on this to their kids. There are going to remember these moments, these really big moments in history.

22:08 Jen Louziotis

Right, right. Well, I think we said this too often times in the heart-wrenching times, so many people come out to connect again and show support in so many different ways and again everybody is uniting, you know, everybody is uniting together.

22:27 Janelle Hoyland

Right. Which is what we're supposed to do. I mean just... (cross talk)

22:30 Jen Louziotis

And also... (cross talk)

22:31 Janelle Hoyland

(cross talk) ...authentic.

22:32 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, and I think also too Janelle uhm, finding family together taking time out and not like that we weren't before but it's a huge wake up call and say "Oh my gosh, I just wanna sit down with my sister, my mother, my child", and I just wana be, you know I just want to give them a hug, I just wanna be there as you said I guess you're authentic self definitely holds through and it is still there.

22:54 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, totally. And you know, it just is about you know the moments and the times that we're living in right now are really about being very, very true to what is natural for us. It is natural for us to be compassionate and be giving of who we are. And almost -- I would say -- to the extent of giving what you have, you know, and giving what you're good at or giving you know in helping other people rise up from circumstances you know. Not to say that you know there aren't people that you know are in the struggle and going to be in a struggle no matter you cannot pull them out, that's also true, you know, because they have to have their own awakening. But we're not meant to singular in our movements here. We are meant to move in groups and rally together and cheer other on and you know experience that level of support and comfort in doing what we are here to do.

23:59 Keith Sedor

Well, that's an interesting point Janelle. What about those people, myself included, we're kind of get through the day, get through our lives, gonna be more lone wolves?

24:13 Janelle Hoyland

(Laughs). Yeah. This is part of that, you know and that's kind of like you know, we chatted about earlier, is that you know, especially, you know, I know my brother-in-law is kind of somewhere in that instance. There is something either within minority of people or you know that have that experience of, you know, growing up. You know they weren't necessarily conditioned to be in group environments in the sense of being, you know, feeling a part of or feeling, you know, aware of in that sense and so it is part of your soul growth here to step out of that and to realize how much your vehicle can benefit from being in group support and to... (cross talk)

25:11 Keith Sedor

It's interesting because, I must say, I actually have the experience of having people tell me they believe I'm extremely extroverted and extremely personable, but those interactions for are very, very emotionally and spiritual draining and if I have a lot of them I find that I meed at least that much individualized downtime so I can kind of internally spiritual recharge.

25:37 Janelle Hoyland

Right, yeah. And that's because and I do have a lot of people that experience that as well. Because there is a shift that heeds to happen within your system that allows you to be of benefit for either people but not at the cost of your own life. And so it's almost that switch off the more you feed yourself the more that you can do. And you know knowing that when you take back your power in that sense, there is no one that can come in to your experience that can take away from your energy or your life unless you allow it.

26:18 Jen Louziotis

And you know that's such a good theme that just came up. You've actually said that it's quite a bit before that the more you feed yourself, like what is your heaven on earth.

26:31 Janelle Hoyland

Yes. Yes. That's what this time is about. It's about heaven on earth, that heaven is not a place somewhere else that isn't here in front of you.

26:37 Jen Louziotis


26:38 Janelle Hoyland

And it's up to you. It's up to you. Well, how much do you want to experience because there is no limits.

26:45 Jen Louziotis

Right, wow.

26:47 Janelle Hoyland

There's no limit. There is no limit. There is no limit on finances, there is no limit on experiences, there is no limit on love, there is no limit on health. All of that.

26:56 Jen Louziotis

So let me ask you, just one more question before we go to take some calls. I understand what you say that there is no limit, how do you know you're heading in the right direction? I mean we talked about this, I keep asking you the same question, but I mean how do you know -- okay there is no limit -- how do you know when you're headed just on that right path so that everything does open up so you have the synchronicity, so you have the connections, those things sort of get easier if you will?

27:27 Janelle Hoyland

Right. Well I'm hearing are two processes. This one is, there is the head process and when I say head, I mean your mental process. You mental process, right, will say "do this, do more, do more, do more, be more, do more, do more, do more" right? That's not __27:45__.

27:46 Jen Louziotis


27:47 Janelle Hoyland

It's not perfect enough, it's not good enough. You have to be more, you have to say more, you have to experience more, whatever. The internal, the heart intuition which is all about what we are coming into, is that there is more than enough to go around and I don't have to drive my own train in a sense, I mean I do have to be ambitious, right?

28:10 Jen Louziotis

That's right. Right.

28:11 Janelle Hoyland

But it pings, it ring through. There's a peace in it that radiates through your body. And I don't care who the person is, right. You get advice from anyone. If it does ping for you, if doesn't resonate, you know it immediately because you feel it in your body.

28:29 Jen Louziotis

Right, okay. Uh-hmm.

28:30 Janelle Hoyland

You feel it. It's like a truth, you know it when you hear it. There is just no mistaking it. It's absolutely clear. And the best way I can tell you is it pings, it radiates, it vibrates. It's solid, you can touch it, feel it, move it, know it, experience it.

28:54 Jen Louziotis

Right. Yeah. The ping for you __28:54__ test, like it just, it sits right, or doesn't. Yeah.

28:59 Janelle Hoyland

Yes and that's how you know. That's your beacon. And the mind will try to analyze and make it fit. That's the issue.

29:05 Jen Louziotis

(Laughs) That makes sense to me, okay.

29:08 Janelle Hoyland

The mind will go "let me make this fit because that's what so and so says and this lifetime, this experience, this era that we're in is about you become your own guru, your own best leader and not looking at an outside person as your leader or your guru or your mentor in that sense. Yes, we are meant to have mentors but we're also meant to find that within ourselves.

29:33 Jen Louziotis

Okay. Right.

29:36 Janelle Hoyland

So that's the "ping" thing. That's the "does it ring through for me, does it matter what anyone else, does it ping for me, does it ring through for me, does it feel like truth for me.

29:46 Jen Louziotis

Okay, I know... (cross talk)

29:47 Janelle Hoyland

...it cuts through everything else.

29:48 Jen Louziotis

Do you, well you don't have to ask yourself that's in every single big thing that you do, right, because you can already feel it, it's in you. So you can say "uh no" or "maybe yeah".

29:56 Janelle Hoyland


29:57 Jen Louziotis

But for the rest of us in a big decision or something we should be turning around and say "wait a minute let me check in. Let me see or..."

30:02 Janelle Hoyland


30:03 Jen Louziotis

Right. Yeah.

30:04 Janelle Hoyland

Stop. Slow down. Don't just respond. In the world, I call it phenomenon because this is just a phenomenon experience, right? It is the reality but it is not the full reality. It is just one slice of the pie. And this world is always about quick responses, quick responses first, you know, and they may not always be the right response. Sometimes it's a timing issue, sometimes it's a clarity issue. And it is sometimes taking a breath and saying "okay, what feels right for me?"

30:37 Jen Louziotis


30:38 Janelle Hoyland

What feels right versus what am I expected to do or be saying or you know, show. And sometimes it's about turning, you know, turning within and saying, okay, I'm gonna let go of what other people are wanting me to do right now and just listen to what is true for me...

30:58 Jen Louziotis


30:59 Janelle Hoyland

...with respect. You know.

31:04 Jen Louziotis

Okay, you know Janelle, on that note, why don't we go ahead and take some calls.

31:08 Janelle Hoyland


31:09 Jen Louziotis

We'll go ahead. We have Kim on the line and we will go ahead and bring her on. Kim, are you there?

31:14 Kim

Hi! I am. Hello!

31:17 Jen Louziotis

Hi! Thanks for calling in.

31:21 Kim

It's my pleasure. I have a question, would you explain a little bit more of your understanding of the spirit versus the soul, especially as we are coming into this new age where our spirit is sort of our leader when we are not living according to what our spirit is wanting for us versus our ego and our free will. Where is this new era taking us as far as if we are not living according to our spirit? That was a lot.

31:54 Janelle Hoyland

Right. Yeah. Well, if you got like three questions asked into one, right? But this time, this is totally perfect. So here's the thing, there is the spirit, there is the soul and they are two different faculties. Oaky, the soul is the totality of all of your life, all of your experiences, all of your emotions, every place that you've been, touch, feel, tested, whatever and the combination of all the people, your family, your friends, your teachers, your connections. All of that is wrapped up in the soul. The spirit, however, is much like -- and Jen and I had this conversation when I was there -- is like the Holy Spirit, it's like drops of water. It is the movable, malleable, it almost is you can say intangible also. In the same sense as the soul is, right? It knows no limits, no bundaries either, but the spirit also makes up your personality as well. And so, you will see your character trait show up in your spirit. Like for example, you know with Jen's spirit. She is very, you know, she likes to take in information and she is very chronological about things. You know, and she likes to have everything in a set order. That is her spirit, right. It's not being negative, it is just her spirit expressing itself. It likes to have that. It is enjoyable. But she also has this, you know, fun zany part. You know, that is her spirit. Her soul, right, is very spiritual, it has been here before, has done that, it has sometimes very little tolerance for other people who don't necessarily get it exactly as she does. So, this is the beginning and I know Jen is okay with me saying.

33:54 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, I am fine with that. Yup, absolutely. You know I am very happy.

34:00 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah. You can hear it in when she speaks. You can hear it. You can hear the different faculties when she speaks, you know, but like for myself, right? Example for myself is, okay, I am a firey spirit, you know, I love you know mastering. I have a very playful young spirit, right, but my soul is a very old, wise soul who knows that everybody is gonna get it, is comfortable with at what time frame they get it, you know, and it is not concerned about timing of things. Sometimes that the detriment to other people, my timing sometimes is kind of all over the place because I know no time in a sense. So, that is myself. But then my spirit what I was saying. It is very firy, lights up the room, passionate, you know, spirit. It is just fire. It just loves to light and go. But how that affects, you know, the 2012 thing and the shifting what it is is that free will comes in the sense of, okay, well my ego might get a little irritated with how long it is taking to get somewhere. So I could opt for the free will category and say you what I'm done with it all and rebel. My soul knows that that's not where the growth is. My spirit is very rebellious sometimes also too. So there is two faculties in there. So how that plays out in this time frame is that also that free will choices, the rebellious place of , you know, it is taking too long for me. I am pretty irritated right now. And I would say that would be the case for you.

35:42 Keith Sedor

Kim thank for your question. Let's move along to Suzie in Manhattan, Suzie you're on with Janelle. Suzie, are you with us?

35:52 Janelle Hoyland


35:53 Jen Louziotis

Hello Sue?

35:58 Suzie


35:59 Janelle Hoyland


36:00 Jen Louziotis

Yup, you're on.

36:01 Janelle Hoyland

There you are.

36:02 Suzie

Oh gosh, I didn't even have a question. It is such a great program though, I am tuning in from work and your just lifting my spirit. (laughs).

36:10 Janelle Hoyland


36:12 Suzie

You know, actually, why I have you on the phone though, you know it is just around frustrations because you eluded the frustrations, or does not necessarily mean you're headed in the wrong direction.

36:24 Janelle Hoyland

Yes, yes.

36:25 Suzie

Yeah, and as, you know just because I have seen so many patients today just three or four catastrophes happening at once. You know, what sort of like one thing when you're in that space of three or four things happening all at the same time like, you said like we need to connect more, but what is one or two things that you would sort of give to people in that space?

36:52 Janelle Hoyland

To laugh.

36:53 Suzie

Yeah, it is a big question but...

36:56 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, like to laugh, to find something that makes them lighten up or play or be in nature, those things. Find something that is light-hearted and even if it is five seconds to do.

37:13 Suzie


37:14 Janelle Hoyland

You know, that's why kids are the best monitors of that, you know. They make us laugh when we don't want to. But it is that, you know when I see people that are facing, when I work with clients that are three and four issues at a time, my guys will actually come in and like totally make light of the situation, and make them laugh at the end of it. It just happens everytime.

37:40 Suzie

That's a great advice actually. That's a great advice. I gotta do that from hereon.

37:44 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, so you can be, you know because you're serving in the front lines, right? So if you can be not taking it light in the sense of their circumstances because they are dealing with extremities, you know, extremities on the planet. But if they could, in some way you could bring light to their situations through laughter or through something, tell them a joke. You know, something stupid, like my daughter said, you know, she told me that the other day, she said what the fan say to the other fan and I said I don't know and she was "hoohhh". (laughs). Okay.

38:24 Suzie

That's great.

38:26 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, I mean just things like that. You know just "hooohhh", races the end of the day.

38:32 Suzie


38:33 Janelle Hoyland


38:34 Suzie

Thanks guys. Great show and I am enjoying it.

38:35 Keith Sedor

Suzie you have a great spoken voice and great diction. Have you considered doing broadcasting yourself?

38:40 Suzie

(Laughs). No, but I have heard this before. (Laughs) Take care guys, I am still listening.

38:48 Keith Sedor

Thank you.

38:51 Janelle Hoyland

I love how you just said that, that's just perfect. See. You listened to your intuition and you spoke up.

39:00 Jen Louziotis

See, yup, yeah. Keith your authentic self, right?

39:02 Keith Sedor


39:03 Jen Louziotis

There it is, right? Yeah. Perfect. Hey Janelle, we're gonna take a little bit of a music break now. We've got a bunch more callers that we just wanna connect with before we put them online with you, so we're gonna pop on Mark Stanton Welch's "My Heart's Desire" and we'll be right back at the end of the song with some more from Janelle and we're taking calls. Okay. (Music Break).

42:09 Keith Sedor

Spiritual Happy hour with Jen Louziotis. As always, your faithful sidekick, I am Keith. Making sure all the technical things happen in the most technical way. Our guest today is Janelle Hoyland. Hello Janelle.

42:24 Janelle Hoyland

Hey! Sidekick.

42:25 Keith Sedor

We actually have a couple of calls from Philly today and they're all want to talk about their relationships, their love life. Rosemarie you're on with Janelle Hoyland?

42:39 Rosemarie

Hi, how are you?

42:41 Janelle Hoyland

Hi! How are you?

42:43 Rosemarie

Pretty good, yourself?

42:44 Janelle Hoyland

I'm great. So, what I can help you with?

42:48 Rosemarie

Uhm any new relationship or anything new coming my way?

42:54 Janelle Hoyland

Well, I think what's interesting with you is there is a little bit of trust issues that you're working on so I would suggest putting those to bed or just releasing those if you can. Uhm and those from past relationships as well with family numbers that I feel like for your new relationship in the sense that I see you in a relationship probably in February.

43:22 Rosemarie

Any description or anybody I know or meet?

43:26 Janelle Hoyland

No, they are not in your immediate circumstances, no, which means they have not come in to the view point yet of being connected with you in some way. But it will be shortly. So, probably, I would think, what I am saying is well right about January 15, there is a new circle of friends coming to you. So, we will see how that plays out.

43:49 Keith Sedor

Alright, moving right along. Antoinette in Philly, what's your question for Janelle?

43:54 Antoinette

Oh hi! Thank you for taking my call. Uhm my question is...

43:58 Janelle Hoyland


43:59 Antoinette

Hi, my question is regarding my situation with Danny. I would like to know, do you see Danny giving me a ring or anything in the future? What do you pick up for me and him together?

44:15 Janelle Hoyland

Well, you know. He has commitment issues already, right? So, there is that going in. The thing between you guys that's most important that I see is you guys need more communication between the two of you, better communication. It's one of your hang ups together but this is your __44:32__ own relationships, I am not concerned about that. Just make him feel comfortable so not necessarily pushing the issue too much. He will ask you, but I just feel like I wanna tell don't push him too much because it is almost like...

44:52 Antoinette

So are you, so, right, I know. Yeah. So are you saying that Danny is my end result, so this is it? This is the man that I am gonna be with?

45:01 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, yeah, yeah. He just have to... (crosstalk)

45:03 Antoinette

So I am not wasting my time? So I am not wasting my time?

45:06 Janelle Hoyland

No, no, no. No, no, no. He just has spirit issues and a little bit commitments issues and he does not do well with pushing that either.

45:18 Antoinette

Right, I know. And I've been doing all of that and we're kind of like in the gutter right now. So, you know, I am kinda in a dog house again because I flipped out about a week and a half ago, but do you see like you know a time frame or when things are gonna get more solid?

45:38 Janelle Hoyland

This is what I want you to do. I want you to just say to him. Have a light-hearted dinner or something, go out and laugh. And when you are laughing like really hysterically and cracking up, I want you to look at him and say you know what, I love you so much and I appreciate you so much in my life that this is a really important thing to me and I know you love me too. Say it like that.

46:05 Keith Sedor

And because you're in Philly, it really just comes down to one question, __46:08__. (Laughs).

46:14 Antoinette

I have not been at either one of those places, so I can't answer that.

46:18 Jen Louziotis

Oh, maybe you should go, maybe that might not be your light-hearted moment but perhaps you should go do that, put that in there.

46:26 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, Jen is very intuitive I'll tell you that and that, you know, it is definitely not a mess in the sense of when I see you guys together. I think if you just start out with a note of being really, really well in your communication and nurturing each other and do exactly what I said. Do this in a light-hearted way and watch him unfold..

46:51 Antoinette

Right. Okay. Okay, very good (crosstalk). Right, I'm glad that we had this talk because I don't wanna waste my time. You know.

46:59 Janelle Hoyland

Me too. I know you don't and you are not. You know you're not and you really ultimately know, you do.

47:05 Antoinette


47:06 Keith Sedor

Antoinette thank you for your call.

47:08 Janelle Hoyland


47:09 Jen Louziotis

Hey Janelle, I just think it is so interesting what the callers have to say because you just said at the end, you go like you know what you need to do and I think you are absolutely right. We all sort of have an intuition, we have intuition but I mean in a lot of times in relationships, I really do feel like we know the answer and we just need that confirmation of, is this what I am doing or what have you. It's so interesting to me when we are showing our love to someone, how sometimes we block ourselves completely and the one thing that we're are meant to do and then we block off, and then we don't even know, are we doing the right thing? Are we not? Are we just don't wanna see our own truth, I guess. So it is so interesting to me.

47:47 Janelle Hoyland

Well that's a place of growth. You know, it really is the biggest place of growth for us, it is relationships. Not just with our significant other but in our families, you know.

47:57 Keith Sedor

And not just that in our choice of cheese steaks. An indifference for Philly and indifference for our Philly listeners, I don't actually go for Pat's or Gino's. I actually go with Jim's Steaks on South Stretton, they don't pay to advertise, I just them a lot.

48:10 Janelle Hoyland

See now Keith, this is the whole issue. You need to take me because I have never had a true Philly steak.

48:16 Jen Louziotis


48:17 Keith Sedor

Oh my gosh, you would love it.

48:18 Janelle Hoyland

See. That's what I am saying and Jen knows, I am all about really, really good food.

48:23 Jen Louziotis

Yeah. Like, no comes raw about the food. It's like wait a minute we gonna get down to the food, we need the food.

48:28 Keith Sedor

Whenever you got a text, it's like all text in and see if we are gonna actually eat their 48-ounce steak dinner for free.

48:35 Janelle Hoyland

I have never attempted it. Drove by it many times. But we are eaters, that is for sure.

48:48 Jen Louziotis

We might go ahead and bring one more caller and we have got Susan on the line and we will see Susan. Susan are you there? Do you have anything for Janelle today?

48:57 Susan

I am, hey Janelle! How are yah?

49:00 Janelle Hoyland

I am great, how are you doing?

49:02 Susan

I am doing very well. I was curious about the connection between the spirit world and us here that is in human experience and how the two are working together with regard to 12/21/12.

49:18 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, it is interesting because for me like there has been an unprecented amount of help in the sense of like when I connect, for me spiritually like always my vision is open but I see so many more angels now and so many more guides and so many more teachers around people now. It is just unreal. And so it is a group project. It really is. It is not like we are lone rangers over here, as you know just working our way to the battle zone and left with out devices. They actually send us more help in times of growth.

50:02 Jen Louziotis

Let me ask you then Janelle, is that moving forward? Are they just gonna stay around or then once we have all moved to the shift, are they gonna sort of retreat back?

50:11 Janelle Hoyland

No, no. There is no backwards. It's actually more.

50:13 Jen Louziotis

Okay, so all the angels and all the helpers they are just gonna keep staying with us to be sure that we're you know to help us move on and move through?

50:21 Janelle Hoyland

Yes, yeah. The tirck is you have to ask them. They don't intrude, they won't interrupt. They will protect us. But if you don't ask, they won't help. So you gotta ask. That is the trick and the other part of it is we get more and more and more and more help the more we become spiritually open.

50:42 Susan

Right, right.

50:43 Jen Louziotis

Well I think that's just fantastic. I always ask for help getting to school with the kids (crosstalk).

50:48 Janelle Hoyland

Well, Jen knows my time travel.

50:50 Jen Louziotis

Yup, exactly Janelle has time kind of stand still, it is a bubble. You can get to anywhere you need to be with Janelle. I am telling you on time if not early so.

51:01 Janelle Hoyland

Yes, totally. It is so funny. She knows I drove in Jersey last time I was there. We got there and I was on the plane within 30 minutes, right, yeah?

51:13 Jen Louziotis

So, sorry that was my phone.

51:15 Keith Sedor

She said she got on the plane in 30 minutes.

51:18 Jen Louziotis

So, yes. We when Janelle came, we did the work around hurricane Sandy. We were in Summit, New Jersey and we needed to get to North Airport in an hour and the thing is we were in the middle of a church standing there and I got, as I always do with Janelle, I got timing wrong. I always mess up the time and we're standing in the middle of the church and I am looking at her saying what do you mean your flight leave in an hour. But we __51:44__ my house and then I made her drive and then to the airport, and the interesting thing was we had done this trip on Saturday night with my husband and he was driving really fast but with Janelle and I we just sort of made it there and it was, it was as if time really did, it was time paused and we got there and not only did Janelle get there. I got home, we got from Summit to Madison to North Airport and I got back in that whole hour. And you made your flight. So uhm.

52:17 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, and I was sitting in my seat, went through security check and everything. Yeah.

52:22 Jen Louziotis

Yeah. That it goes right up to there. I guess that anything is possible moment. It was really, and I tell you, you did this with me when you came in May. We had that whole time issue too and so when I saw you do that in May I do with all the time when I'm in a rush. I will say okay, you know, help me out here. Give me green lights or help me get to where I need to go.

52:47 Janelle Hoyland

Right, right. And also to help you manage time too, you know.

52:50 Susan

That's what I have to ask for.

52:52 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, yeah. You know that is fantastic. Yes, and I think you and everybody else. You are absolutely right when you are in the working world and you are trying to get clients done or get things finished for corporations, absolutely.

52:57 Janelle Hoyland

Yes, it is really, you need the understanding that I have had this very early on for me. That is something, you know, my husband laughs. He's like you just don't have any relationship for time, do you? I'm like, no, no, apparanlty not.

53:23 Jen Louziotis

But, it is fascinating to know that they are here and that there is even more of them here, more help here. It is funny that it's the first time that anybody has ever really said that, that sort of said look there is even more.

53:37 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, it is even more and it will become more and more and more and more than more that people become awake and aware. It is a ripple effect again in the spiritual world. It is just that we are meant to be supported. We are group values in the sense of you know, we need support to do things. We need help. We are not meant to do things on our own.

54:06 Jen Louziotis

Well, that is fascinating. We've got about five minutes left. I don't know, Janelle, if you wanna talk about anything else sort of that you feel that we need to know about 12/21 and the shift in the last couple of weeks that we have got of this year or even in to 2013. What can we look forward to heading down towards January 2013?

54:32 Janelle Hoyland

Right. I think one of the things you know that you have heard me say repeatedly is to not hesitate on that much we are called to you and to be in a relationship. The other thing too that I find people experiencing now with relationship struggles in the sense of whether relationships are gonna stay together or fall apart. As we say is growth, you know. A lot of people get afraid of change especially in relationships but that is important to know what is true for you in that sense as well but I think you know like I said they gave me those two dates, the 27th and 31st as being important dates as far as feeling calmer, safer, more rounded in our journey here. You know, and myself knowing those dates for people, I think it is really important. You know they give you a focus point not necessarily to get there and like okay, this is the day but more so just work on your being and being in the moment and being present to what you need to do for yourself. As we go through and get closer to the end of the year. And this is our life goal, you know. So don't get fixed on it as a reality but just a piece of the version or whatever of what we are meant to touch and experience and be.

56:00 Jen Louziotis

That is fantastic. Well, hopefully with Keith and I continue the show. You come on quite a bit. We hope in 2013 and we can...

56:09 Keith Sedor

We are to come back?

56:10 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, yeah. __56:12__. You know as always because I think we have so much that we can talk about and just hopefully help people lives move through our everyday life and everyday living and how can we incorporate the spiritual into what we do.

56:37 Janelle Hoyland


56:38 Jen Louziotis

Definitely. It is now due again, do you wanna give your website information and how people can get a hold when you know.

56:48 Janelle Hoyland

Well, I do personal sessions with people as well as group sessions and my website is janellehoyland.com and you can also reach me out in Facebook at Soul Healer Janelle Hoyland or you can friend me at Janelle Hoyland, whichever one is right for you. But I am always doing stuff and always trying to bring awareness and balance to people's lives and bringing them into authentic self. It is my passion and my joy. So I think it is the last call, right?

57:21 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, yeah, right. It is the last call at Happy Hour. We start Happy hour early on Fridays, right? That's right, your spirit is always awake. It is always ready to get high, get going, right?

57:32 Janelle Hoyland

Yes, yes. Ring in that higher vibrations, absolutely.

57:36 Jen Louziotis

Yeah, exactly.

57:38 Keith Sedor

Which is very good right? Before the holidays too.

57:41 Janelle Hoyland

Yeah, I know! Perfect right?

57:43 Jen Louziotis


57:44 Janelle Hoyland


57:45 Keith Sedor

Well, to all our listeners, we wanna wish you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and if you are just watching Seinfeld, happy festivitivist, __57:50__ or whatever else you celebrate that brings you close to those you love.

57:58 Jen Louziotis

Absolutely. And we will see you back in the New Year and Mark Staton Welch will take us out with another great song. Thanks Janelle so much for coming.

58:08 Janelle Hoyland

Alright, all love. Alright, bye!

58:10 Jen Louziotis


58:11 Keith Sedor

Bye Janelle!