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My name is Mike Phillips, operator of Lead The Team. I am a personal coach with over 25 years of sales, personal coaching and training experience. While having sold retail products since an early age, my sales career took off, developed multiple facets and has been polished upon entering the Auto Industry in 2004. I am a sales trainer, personal development coach, motivational speaker, leadership coach and overall Mind Ninja©. Tune in to http://www.leadtheteam.net/blog for sales info, leadership tips and learn to better connect with others in your life!

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We have all heard "Our perception is our reality." I am a huge fan of that statement. In fact Albert Einstein said, "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one!" So what does that mean really? Perception is your idea, your... more

This week I'll talk about clearly what the title says. You must work to win. To do that, first I'll spend a little time defining WORK, in my terms and how that ties in to winning. I'll talk about things like really enjoying what you are working on and... more

It's a bold statement - you'll just have to tune in to find out. There are three easy things that can help take you to the next level. Two of these are a refresher that I discuss regularly on my program; the third may surprise you. See you there!

I'm sure you have the term - Negativity breeds negativity; I also want to talk about that positivity creates positivity and more so, for this show EXCITEMENT CREATES EXCITEMENT! Emotions are communicable through our words and... more

This show is all about MAKING THE IMPACT! Whether it's personal or business, relationships or self improvement, YOU have to make an IMPACT to MAKE a CHANGE. You have to make an impact for anything to take hold. You have to... more

Are you running in place and not getting anywhere? So often we push really hard, run really fast and still get off in the same spot that we got into the run at. It's like running on a treadmill at the gym. People exert a lot of effort push... more

What excites you? What turns you on? What are you truly passionate about? The existence of passion in our lives creates power. This is the power that gets stuff done, it is what keeps us going, keeps us pushing through our... more

Tonight will be all about attitude - BAM! Whether positive or negative - attitudes help in determining our outcomes and also the experience and the journey along the way to accomplish most any goal. Even from the very onset, when you are... more

A few months back I talked about how "Performance Trumps Product Every Time" (show can be heard here... more

We all know the power behind the choices that we make, whether for the long term or what we often think the smaller decisions that we make every day. Tonight I will spend time talking about what impact the of the un-choice... what... more
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