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Host: Frank Forka



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Leadership Voices Radio (LVR) is the Global Communications Network (GCN) of the African Leadership Empowerment Council (ALEC), a US 527 Political organization. From around the world, share your views on politics, democracy, Human rights, the economy, the environment, leadership and social change issues. The 2008 US Presidential elections have given birth to new and transforming ideas in politics and social change issues. Will Africa benefit from these social change dynamics? What impact does this election have on Africans in the Diaspora, African governments now and in the future? The African Leadership Empowerment Council’s approach is premised on the evidence and proposition that political leadership in Africa is increasingly weaker and weaker. Failed democracies in African countries will continue to erode any social and political empowerment. African leaders must agree about how to govern their multi-faceted nation states and how to distribute their economic resources equitably. Without this highly demanded compromise that would ensure ethnic justice, neither liberal democracy, nor any other species of government will succeed in Africa. The democratic evolution in Africa must be adapted to the local realities and its contours will be shaped by indigenous African socio-cultural traditions. But then, there must be a separation of powers between the Executive, the Legislative and the Judiciary. There must be alternative power. The opposition in Africa must be allowed through constitutional provisions to clearly and systematically play the checks and balances on the government actions. Hosts: * Frank Forka, President & CEO, African Leadership Empowerment Council (ALEC). Website: www.africanleadershipcouncil.org. * Eucharia Mbachu, Journalist & President, Voices of Women and Children (VOWAC). Website: www.vowac.org. * US and International Call-in live number: 646-929-0359.

On-Demand Episodes

In this segment in French -- intended for the Francophone audience, Frank Forka talks about ALEC, the Pesidential Inauguration and Africa for 2009 and beyond.

As a continuation of Leadership Voices Radio ( LVR) Segment on the Impact of American Elections on Africa, our subsequent shows will from time to time focus on selected African countries. Our next show for Saturday December 6, 2008... more

The euphoria of the Obama's presidency and the new generational leadership. Discussing the African perspectives and the impact of the American elections on Africa.