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300+ incidents of “Out-of-Body Experience” that began at age 10

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Waves of Healing

Waves of Healing


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Every now and then you hear a story that completely blows your mind, and far exceeds your expectations about what is possible within the realm of the human experience... Cory’s story is like no other, and he presents his message in a way that people can relate to and really connect with. It only takes a moment with Cory to feel the energy and light he has brought back with him. At the age of ten, Cory Herter had his first “Out-of-Body Experience” as the result of a nearly fatal car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, and severe memory loss. He could not remember anything from before the car accident, and could not personally recall any memories beyond 5 days. In addition to the memory loss, Cory continued to struggle with depression, seizures, schizophrenia, anxiety, and more, as he tried to live a somewhat normal life. If that was not enough, Cory’s brain began overproducing a special neurotransmitter called Di-methyltriptamine, or DMT for short. DMT is a naturally occurring hallucinogenic substance produced in the pineal gland and is directly responsible for near-death experiences, or NDE’s. This chemical would release in Cory’s brain every five days, inducing a type of near-death experience that would last from 4-12 hours, with the longest one lasting over 4 days. Cory’s ”journey through the afterlife” consisted of 300+ incidents of near death experiences, and over 1000 hours spent on the other side. When in this incredible state, he was infused with spiritual energy, and lifted into states of consciousness and awareness that far outreach even the grandest imagination. While on the other side, Cory was exposed to extremely high energy states, which consequently began revealing high energy Physics and Advanced Sciences. Before his journey through the afterlife finished, Cory was taught how to build a technology that would eventually heal his brain and restore his memory, 14 years after having lost it.